Water purifier brand how to break the homogenization ofhe op

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   Currently, the water appliance industry has entered a stage of homogenization of intense competition, many brands excessive focus on low-cost strategy, but badly neglected consumer demand has grown from a single purchase water appliances, to "Complete customization "the trends change, the lack of forward-thinking water purifier brand, are facing cut-throat competition in the low end, stalled on the road to development.


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   the negative impact of homogeneous competition to bring water purifier brand, the brand is so many companies ignore the product association between the product and publicity, only served to focus on a certain type or a certain type of product marketing, the customer can not have a strong purchasing power of the product or brand, but also conducive to enhance the users understanding of the brand .

   as a whole house water purification depth and put forward the idea of 鈥嬧€媋n advocate, IMRITA Ai Mate think, to break the status quo "homogeneous product" would have to be innovative. To this end, IMRITA Ai Mate combined with years of industry experience, we developed a set of product research and development to bring the whole house depth of water purification products, a single product in the industry to subvert the competitive sales strategy, while highlighting the overall brand experience and systematic product.

   from the product itself, IMRITA Ai Mate depth the whole house water purification products with a unique tone of the brand, in adhering to the "massive, serious, simple but not simple," the industrial design, it is also through the atmosphere and stylish design, the arc tough line style, in the details to create extraordinary, "Ai Mate" to ensure Ai Mate product unique in the market.

   IMRITA Ai Mate considered serious product homogeneity of the moment, water purifier brand to successfully stand out from many water purifier brand, in addition to upgrading the appearance of the product, but should be more integrated into the core technology innovation the products to the high level. For this reason innovation IMRITA Ai Mate developed a "dual-core cleanup, multi-channel split, PAN film formulation, activated carbon adsorption, net core" technology, and the use of user-friendly design and a full range of security technologies to prevent leakage, make the water more safety, health, to prevent secondary pollution. Birth

   the whole house range of products that is the inevitable development of the market, but also the consumer direct performance upgrades. If you want to jump out of the water purifier brand price war quagmire, we must re-examine the definition of R & D production, but also must be repeatedBrand positioning, in order to truly serve the needs of consumers, to meet consumer needs and solve consumer issues as the main development goals set by the new upgrade product line, to provide consumers with a safer, healthier life pleasant water.

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