US Bangdeng water purification 2019 Shahai Internional Exhib

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  US Bangdeng water purification 2019 Shanghai International Exhibition of water come to an end time: 2019-06-1014: 23: 406 May 3-5, the three-day water Twelfth Shanghai International Exhibition officially came to an end, as imports high-end brands and let the water back to the original ecology of the American Bangdeng clean water attracts thousands of domestic and foreign guests participating in the show, the crowd flocked to during the show, lively extraordinary! Enterprise Management Association of water purification industry branch president of the National Health Industry Mr. Tang Jianxin such as a public leader, president of the Indian Water Association, Mr. Rishabh Sanghvi, China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Dengrui De professional committee chairman , Deputy Secretary-General Wang Wenxiu, water purification Hunan organizational leadership and representatives to come to the United States Bangdeng water purifier booth to communicate guidance. General Manager Bangdeng water purification Chinese operational headquarters in the United States Terriecosystem far to accept China as well as water purification HC Network interview webcast. To rely on internal winning, so that products and consumers "talk" theme elaborate. Mr. SHABAN , vice president of the United States Bangdeng clean water not far way from the United States to fly to Shanghai only increase everyone fighting to bring confidence to the staff of the Chinese operational headquarters. Mr. SHABAN vice president when it comes to the most fun is can a good product to the Chinese people, let everyone can drink healthy water. US machine imported The exhibition of 11 models of products, central water, central water softeners, water machine is the end from across the Atlantic, is committed to meet the water needs of the Chinese people, so every family can drink healthy water, let the water back to the original ecosystem. Next, we will provide better, more comprehensive water purification products and services. If you missed the United States this year, unfortunately Bangdeng water, next year, we look forward to your visit!

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