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water purifier rental lead the water industry new marketing model


water purifier has been in China for nearly two decades, Chinas rapid economic development, increasing pollution, residents income gradually increase era, arguably the water purifier market in China should be great, but the reality is disappointing, water purifiers and so far not entered into one thousand households. Water purifier dealers in China and there are no quick profit model!


What profit model is the future for water purifier? Marco Polo (China) Water Group after years of deep plowing in the field of water purifiers, water purifiers innovation model to guide the industry. Since 2016, independent research and Marco Polo water purifier water purifier Things APP, innovation, water purifier manufacturers, distributors water purifier, water purifiers and water purifiers installation master user with the most popular things combined, creating a new water purifier rental marketing mode, leading water purifiers most tide marketing innovation.


Marco Polo water purifier 2016 with operating leasing services combined with water purification utensils networking APP, comprehensive promotion in major cities, building the best water purifier rental model city, with a view to selling the traditional profit model changes to the way the rental model or a combination of sales and leasing, to seek new growth point of sale.


water purifier can be used rental model? Then come down, we now take a look at Marco Polo water purifier water purifier relevant information for sales and marketing.


1, water purifier market is cluttered, consumer choice difficult!


RO membranes, reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, nine purification, purification of the core 12, the type of dazzling KDF, nano-membranes, ultrafiltration membranes ...... water purifiers, reverse osmosis water, the RO net water machine, ultrafiltration water purifiers, energy drink straight, centralized home water purifier, household kitchen water purifier, and water softener, POU, a shower dispenser, direct drinking water in these machines ...... promotional materials water purifier, various high-tech are endless, so that consumers know what to do. 2, in the end is what model is the future for water purifier? From ten to twenty years ago by relatives, friends Taiwan and Taiwan to sell water purifiers, the organization will sell to the elderly in general and collective meetings that they buy, and then to the supermarket now water purifier, water purifier store ...... although net water series was given electric appliance industry outlook after the gold, but the water purifier to embark on a period of rapid take-off, there is still a distance. Water purifiers Gairuhezou down, the lease will be the last to pull water purifier water purifier market tool for you?


rent not sell, the Marco Polo water purifier installed in the homes of local residents, the water purifier company shall remain the Marco Polo, Marco Polo water purifier water purifier dealers responsible for installation, maintenance, water purifiers, net water filter replacement, etc., which was not the most user charges to water purifiers, water purifiers to solve the user to buy a water purifier confidential cost 2-3 thousand dollars, then there are costly maintenance and filter replacement costs per year now Marco Polo water purifiers use of new water purification utensils networking thinking, water purifiers rent not buy, rent only to water purifiers users can rent water purifiers time charge, such as daily binary or ternary or use a water purifier by traffic charges, such as 0.3 yuan per liter, the user can install water purifier water purifier Marco Polo APP, water purifiers user delta worry on your phone, just open water purifier on the phone APP, you can pay the cost of clean water with a micro-channel or pay Alipay, but also you can see water purification water quality, filter life, ease of use water purifiers can be done on the water purifier APP.


Marco Polo (China) Water Group also developed a water purifier commercial lease, the Marco Polos commercial water purifier to lease to the unit, such as offices, schools, enterprises, to charge them rent. Leasing as a new water purifier water purifier marketing mode, so users should not have to worry about, so willing to accept water purifier. Foreign countries also have very successful cases, such as the headquarters of the Italian Marco Polo, rental and service business more than 80% of the total amount.


Marco Polo water purifier water purifier help create things, new water purifier rental service is available at dealers have a certain economic strength, because the spread is not a small start-up capital required, and water purifiers rental emphasis is on economies of scale, in a city that only water purifier lease up to a certain number of economic benefits will appear, which requires dealers previous 1 - 2 years of sustained investment. Marco Polo currently has water purifier water purifier rental promotion part of the city, quite successful.




Marco Polo purifier lease

   to see how consumers are saying?


Ms. Wang, who lives in Shenzhen: "Our family spent nearly two years ago at three thousand dollars installed a water purifier brand-name small units, which know less than a year could not find people to change filterCore, and in vain I spent thousands of dollars! Or better this way! As long as a few hundred dollars a year priming can be installed on the water, do not pay a deposit, but also free installation, you only need a few hundred dollars a year, change the filter and maintenance are all free of charge. If the companys product or service is not bad in time, I can stop in the second year, there is little loss. "

   water purifier manufacturers: water purifier rental service good response


Marco Polo water purifiers head of marketing, said:" At present, the effect of water purification machines rent and we expect almost all the same , also appeared to grab rent scene in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, customer satisfaction up to 99%. "Water purification confidential civilians, to let people can afford. For example, Marco Polo water purifier, has been in a" half sales, eight service "for the purpose of customer service, Marco Polo as a high-end brand water purifier, rental water purifier will allow more families to enjoy high-quality water purification services.


Marco Polo lease water purifier APP, the technology has been the industry leader, is a home water purifier R & D production capacity and enterprises with independent intellectual property rights., the quality of trust by consumers and industry recognition.

   the need for new water purifier sales channels


water purifier leasing program purpose is wanted by the puerile way to make water purifier civilians, Marco Polo will change the water filter water industry ecosystem, the original selling water purification products, change is now selling water purifiers service, water purification Marco Polo through independent research and development of water purifier APP system, the use of thinking of things, will lead the water industry took to the peak



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