Our severe water shortage mainly in foumajoareas

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   According to statistics, every year, about 360 million rural people do not drink on the standard of drinking water, water is becoming a valuable strategic resource, up to the major strategic issues crucial to national economic and social sustainable development and long-term stability . Challenges facing water shortage is serious, mainly the following points.


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a serious shortage of water resources mainly in four major areas (Photo from Internet)

   The overall severe water shortage

   China water is a basic human condition of how much water, uneven spatial and temporal distribution of water resources, less south than in the north, little more than coastal mainland, less mountainous plains, arable land accounted for 64.6% of the Yangtze River north of the country is only 20%, nearly 31% of the land is arid zone (annual rainfall of 250mm or less), do not match the layout and productivity of land and water resources, supply and demand contradiction, a big gap.

   Water pollution

   Since the beginning of reform and opening to focus only on the pace of development, ignoring the extensive development mode of environmental impact, suffered serious pollution of water resources: widespread pollution of the river flowing through the city, rivers (Hai river, Huaihe) and three lakes (Taihu, Dianchi and Chaohu) are heavily polluted, often cyanobacteria outbreaks; aqueous in seven provincial boundary control section 100 in the country, 鈪?鈪?class, 鈪?鈪?class and worse than Grade 鈪?ratio of 36%, 40% and 24%. In addition, about 64% of urban groundwater heavily polluted, 33% of urban light pollution of groundwater.

   repeated recycling rate of water is low

   low industrial process water efficiency, resulting in high costs, poor output efficiency, water unilateral GDP output as the world average of 1 / 3. Most cities nationwide industrial waste water is serious, the average recycling rate is only 30-40%, in 2009 the national urban sewage centralized treatment rate averaged 63.42%, can not be compared with the advanced countries.

   propaganda and water resources management in place

   For a long time, the status quo is not enough water shortages public education, scientific and effective use of water resources are not in place to guide and inspectors, industrial and agricultural and domestic water lack of management in the state, weak public awareness of water conservation, waste water industries widespread. For example in 2010 the total water demand of 7,300 tons, canWater supply only 6200-6300 tons, shortage of 1000 million tons, the total urban water shortage of 60 million tons.

   over how to solve the water problems, the need to attach great importance to the relevant departments of my countrys water resources management, as well as each of us to work together.

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