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  By 2015, there will be what changes of the domestic water purifier market re-shuffle: Tim net water purification Views: 913 Published: 2015-1-13 14:45:22 decade of market development and gradually let the water purifier in the industry made irreplaceable score, look back to the early period, water development is relatively slow. In 2014, water purification rapid expansion in the domestic market, most brands of large-scale investment in water purification market. By 2015, the state not only improve the standard of water area, water purification aspects of remediation efforts have also been increased, which will then change after 2015, domestic water purifier market re-shuffle it? 2015骞达紝鍥藉唴鍑€姘村競鍦洪噸鏂版礂鐗屽悗浼氭湁鍝簺鍙樺寲 in the countrys rapid development momentum, the industry said that in 2015, after the domestic water purifier market reshuffle brings the following changes purifier: the technical aspects of technology is now restricting water purifier strong influence in the development of the country factors, the domestic water purifier technology is not very mature, still need to improve in this area, mainly to enhance the precision and filter technology. In addition, pollution prevention technology is the next technological upgrading of water purifiers. Water purification products on the professional market is now more homogeneous product, in the future, a number of humane, more comfort concept design also need to improve, while imports purifier better meet consumer demand for the product, not just on specialty products, also need to pay attention to psychological needs. On the road to create a professional, there are a lot of progress where it is needed. Product market integration marketing terminal water purification industry, is still in the path of the store, the investment is relatively large, every business, businesses will face. In order to make customers believe more specialized, Tim net water purifier at the same time increase efforts to promote, but also realized the experience area and experience the mode display area combination, increase the user experience, so that consumers do not buy the premise equipment under different feel personally brought clean water. In after-sales service, Tim net water purifier has a specialized service sector, with professional installation project team and regularly remind service personnel to replace the cartridge, continue through the details to enhance consumer awareness and recognition of the water purifier, to win the trust of consumers. 2015, regardless of the water purification market changes, we need to focus on water purification products, technology, quality and service, enhance their capabilities, but also bring the whole water purifier marketdevelopment of!

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