Water purification industry has entered into a piod of chang

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   As the people to enhance the health concerns of drinking water, water purification industry in recent years have become increasingly mature, with a number of powerful water purifier manufacturers are expanding their business without the financial strength of the manufacturers and began to appear "weak" phenomenon, which marks the entire water purification industry into an important period of change. If we say that 2012 is the first round of reshuffle facing the water purification industry, so now is the change in the industry after the most intense competition, "polarization" of clear trends. Lawrence water purification products rely on advanced technology and high quality after-sales service, windy throughout industries.


   According to the data analysis point of view: small brand water purifier agents, it is necessary to face rising rents, while the old model of "price war" has become difficult, resulting in weak into the water purifier sales dilemma, they either opt out of the appliance store, or that choose to enter some of the marginalization of the market, lower prices, lower profits, in order to survive. However, Lawrence water purifier is "inward-looking", devote ourselves to research and development related to water purification technology, the strict production and quality control system equipment, as well as to further enhance the product after-sales service, and brand also received a rise of consumers recognition.

   From 2012 intelligent products, wastewater than 2013 micro-purifier, to 2014 nano silver antimicrobial technology, water purifier Lawrence always in a constant search for water purifier technology innovation . According to R & D engineer Michael Lawrence said: 2015, Lawrence launched a set of APP monitoring water quality, filter life reminders, intelligent prompts for the core and change the filter design DIY buffet integrated water purification products will bring an innovative storm water purifier market .

   wherein OSF scale technology as part of the core competitiveness Lawrence water purifier: scale growth in infancy, most initial scale nucleation i.e., they directly participate in ionic form and crystal disturbance scale the formation of nuclei, making the nuclei distorted, forcing them to die in the developmental stages, so that there may no longer scale crystal formation, truly produce completely eliminate scale. Each and Lawrence scale water purification filter, can completely solve the problem of scale 5 cubic meters of water, scaling and corrosion of this new material, it can be said to be a revolutionary technological breakthrough in the field of water today.

   Lawrence water purifier clearly know: no matter how good the product, not attentive service, the overall image willGreatly reduced, to build the brand image of the future is also very unfavorable. Water purification factory Lawrence each product must go through 16 quality control to ensure hundred percent excellent quality; the introduction of free onsite installation policy only to eliminate safety hazards; strictly in accordance with National Warranty policy, and the first 30-day trial policy, if the use is not satisfied, unconditionally principal; moreover, Lawrence water purifier sales service team is ready to answer all kinds of water purification customer knowledge, a period of time will take the initiative to ask the customer product usage and water quality, build customer purchase information database , regular on-site inspection and repair, remind customers to clean water supplies replacement information. Lawrence water purifiers will provide you with safe, secure and healthy products.

   Thus, in the water purification industry critical period of change, armed Lawrence water purifier high-quality products business, the Lawrence water purifier has strong backing in the industry torrent; clutching with the perfect after-sales service the hearts of consumers, the Lawrence water purifier invincible. Lawrence water purifier has become a reliable product target consumers in mind.

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