What will happen to drink stagnant water

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   we all know can not drink stagnant water, which in addition to bacteria there may be a parasite, then drank stagnant water What happens? The following Xiaobian to brief look.




As the saying goes, "If they can get along without food but can not get water," water are commonplace in everyones life, however, and is nothing but water all drink, the stagnant water in the end can not drink? The answer is certainly not to drink, then drink stagnant water what will happen?


often drink stagnant water, for minors, make cell metabolism slowed down, affecting their growth and development; it will accelerate the aging of the elderly; many parts of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer incidence increasingly higher, according to Medical scientists study may be related to long-term aging drinking water. The data indicate that the aging of toxic substances in the water along with the increasing water storage time increases.


According to the experts believe that this adds to the growing elderly "dead", it will accelerate aging. If the adolescent metabolism regular consumption of such "dead" will cause the cells was significantly slowed down, affecting growth and development.


small series that many parts of the gastric and esophageal cancer incidence increased in recent years, may be stored for a long time and drinking "dead related. The study showed that just extracted, in regular exercise, striking state deep well, containing only nitrite o.017 milligrams per liter, but stored at room temperature for 3 days, rises to o.914 mg. of the original does not contain sodium nitrite in water, stored at room temperature for a day, liters of water will produce nitrite o.004 mg, up to 3 days to 0.11 mg, and up to 20 days o.73 mg, and the nitrite may be converted to carcinogenic nitrosamines.


Xiao Bian think of bottled water purchased for immediate consumption, do not buy a two barrels, with a bucket put a bucket. the best is to buy a bucket of drinking a bucket, not long-term storage. drink often long-term storage of "Dead water "very bad for your health. You can also store 3 to 5 days of bottled water, first shaking violently hit, destroying its full chain of water molecules, slow the aging process water, and then consumed immediately, so you can make the" stagnant water "has become "living some"


household drinking water Tips: cool white open most suitable for drinking, especially in the morning insist on an empty stomach to drink a glass of cold water, the role of healing and fitness so-called cold water is to boil the water down. into the cup, covered with lid,It was cooled to 20-25 鈩? After water cooling, its biological activity to be higher than the natural water 4-5 times, living cells and organisms in the water are very similar, so easy to penetrate the cell membrane is absorbed by the body.




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