Why not drink unboiled water

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   Many people know that is not directly drink unboiled water, but very few people know why they can not drink unboiled water? The following small series will introduce some of this knowledge.




anybody know whether the raw water is safe to drink it? Mainly because water and other raw organic material after chlorination, residual chlorine with water to form toxic carcinogenic halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform and the like, as the raw water boil boiled for 3 minutes before a safe drinking water, below small We will specifically explain why you can not drink unboiled water?


raw water contains a lot of harmful microorganisms parasite eggs, drinking unboiled water stomach easily broken, or when the lower body resistance will increase the likelihood of gastrointestinal pathogenic infection may be more severe parasite , which may cause brain diseases. In addition raw water contains a variety of microbes, pathogens and a large number of bacteria, long-term drinking this water body vulnerable to bacteria, even when serious infection on hepatitis.


Xiao Bian remind you of raw water to boiling for three minutes before drinking, because not completely drunk boiled water susceptible to cancer. The city people are drinking tap water, plain water after rivers and lakes into the water plant, to go through chlorination to remove microbes and other impurities. But at the same time, residual chlorine and organic matter in water interactions, the formation of halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform and other toxic and carcinogenic compounds.


In order to protect peoples health, to prevent the spread of the disease must also be water disinfection, the water to kill the virus. Of "Drinking Water Standards" provisions, 24H in culture water samples at 37 鈩? total number of bacteria not more than 100 / ml, no more than 3 coliform bacteria per liter of water. To this end it needs to be disinfected after coagulation and clarification filtration. In industrial cooling water, circulating water in order to prevent biological slime generation, to control the number of heterotrophic bacteria in the circulating water does not exceed 500000 / mL, and therefore, for the make-up water is filtered water as the circulating water system, also needs to be sterilized sterilize.


by reason Xiaobian to introduce the raw water can not drink, we hope this will not drink unboiled water, unboiled water in our body is very harmful, try to drink plenty of water heated to high temperatures, and finally a small ed to remind you learn some knowledge of small household drinking water, to ensure that the family drink healthy drinking water.




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