Water purifier science public svice activits kked off in Xia

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   June 24 - 8 May 10, sponsored by the China Consumers Association Third purifier consumer science education charity upcoming grand start. The first leg of popular science activities, will be held June 24-25 starting gun fired science activities in Xian lijiacun Wanda Plaza.

   water purifier science, imperative

   With the improvement of living standards, more consumers seeking quality life, is increasingly being recognized by the public water purification products, water purification equipment has become one of the modern family essential appliances. However, water purification product homogeneity serious, experience poor publicity concept complex, frequent sale problems, these problems allowing consumers full of uncertainty in the purchase process of consumption of water purifier, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers vulnerable. In this context, the China Consumer Association all-age drinking water purifier media host the third consumer science education charity.


   science activities this year is the quality and service, will be widely drinking water health science knowledge, science and guide consumers to rational consumption, regulate water purification business service behavior, to show the real adapt to consumer demand for high-quality water purifier brand, promote the whole society concerned about the safety of drinking water, improve customer satisfaction and consumer security.

   water purifier consumer science education activities have been successfully held twice, each are held very successful. In addition, according to organizers said this years event will scale far more than last year. A.O. Smith, liters, the United States, Patio, owner of electrical appliances and other brands have been involved in this science activities.


   According to the Consumers Association official said, held water purifier consumer science education activities, can promote social concerns drinking water safety issues, in line with consumer demand showing excellent water purifier brand, we actively promote the development of new concepts and other equipment; but also can foster consumer awareness of healthy drinking water terminal, enhance the confidence of consumers to purchase products, product marketing, brand building, construction industry standardization. Therefore, water purifiers science, imperative!

   event highlights, striking

   five science can be said that the highlight of the Carnival purifier consumer science education activities, from June to August, the water purifier consumer education science activities will respectively reach of the bustling business district of Xian, Chengdu, Wuhan, Qingdao, Beijing five cities, up close interaction with the local people, the boring water purification knowledge through fun games , scene SectionPoor little trial and other forms of consumer approached the popularity of water knowledge, increasing consumer awareness of safe drinking water.

   In order to better knowledge of science water purifier, co-organizers also well-known brand water purifier manufacturers, set up a museum and thousands of clean water, while Jingdong Mall jointly organized water purification science festival the water purification science knowledge and excellent water purification products to consumers as much popularity. Clean water consumption "science storm" to strengthen the interaction between water purifier consumer, integrated media, in public society, committed to bring real convenience for consumers. During the

   "water purification Carnival" held jointly Drinking Water Consumers Association Central era all media prepared jointly published 200,000 water purification science brochures, will experience the carnival scene and thousands of water purification Pavilion free distribution, the China consumer Association also joint China mobile, for the national consumer launch, "Chinese consumer" mobile newspaper.

   clean water carnival, the curtain is about to open

   Third purifier consumer science education charity was a grand launching ceremony June 6 GWPS global water purification market summit, general concern in the industry. That time, the China Consumer Association Deputy Secretary-General Liu Ching at the launching ceremony, said that this activity is to foster consumer awareness of healthy drinking water terminal, enhance consumer confidence in the purchase of products, product marketing and help enterprises build brand industry standardization.


launching ceremony

   Needless to say, water purifiers and consumer science education charity is currently Chinas most authoritative, the most engagement, involving the most extensive industry events, is expected to follow organized the first leg of Xian science activities, the future of more than a month, the country will enter the "clean water carnival" to the rhythm. The water purifier consumer science education charity itself are quietly rewriting the history of Chinese water industry, to enhance the national drinking water health awareness to contribute. During the

   It is reported that five science carnival held in the associations and the local consumer association leadership will come to the scene, well-known media coverage will have arrived at the scene, maybe you can come face to face with them. " close contact "mean! not only that, in the event there is a small gift well-known brands water purifier for your well-prepared! it is said that the site can get free science manuals, a chance to win free water purifier, more interesting small science activities will give you and your family an unexpectedThe "fun"!

   believe that this science activities, we will let consumers get no small achievement!

   this summer, followed by water purifier science activities "burn up"!

   June 24-25, the third water purifier consumer science education charity - the first stop lijiacun Xian Wanda Plaza, we go from the

   you small partners, to ah, together! about! about! about!

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