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   In the field of bottled water, bags of water limelight recently described as strong. Although sales volume and market share is still far less than bottled water, bottled water, but by virtue of its safety, health, portable, environmentally friendly qualities are to conquer more and more high-end users. Many people believe that water is the next outlet bags Chinese high-end home drinking water.



   First of all, we look at Chinese high-end home concept. What is a Chinese high-end home? In my opinion, the Chinese high-end home may be to define two levels, a concept of high-end consumer and the financial ability to support their consumption concept of Chinese families; the second is the high level of income, but the concept of consumption and consumption levels to be increased in China family. No matter from which perspective, more and more Chinese high-end home are increasingly concerned about their health and the health of large industry, they are becoming consumer force to promote the era of pocket water!


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   From the door by water, drinking water, rivers, lakes and other natural springs, to dig wells, the invention is bottled water, drinking water to open, and then bags of water, after Chinas reform history of drinking, the latest starting point, the end result can be said is that the bags of water. Pocket water was first used in the aerospace industry - as drinking water for the astronauts and developed by NASA, a series of advantages because of its safety, health, convenience, portability, and environmental protection, the rapidly growing popularity in Western countries, and even replaced bottled water and bottled water, some European and American family of choice. In recent years, under the consumer to upgrade drinking water and there is a growing emphasis on security issues, China started to sell bags of water.



   To be honest, in each heavy pesticide pollution, waste water, waste gas, waste residue, Chinese increasingly rare and excellent water source of. Organic mineral-rich water is much better flowing between deep mountain forests, the need for more secure technology to production and packaging. Pocket water is undoubtedly the best solution.

   endometrial bags and bags of water by the composition of the outer box. Endometrial bags composite membrane using a dedicated food-grade, comes faucet, one-time use, eliminate the fundamental existence of a large bucket of water gas easy to breed bacteria, one thousand barrels of cross-infection, disinfection is difficult to guarantee security and other "two secondary pollution "problem. And a long shelf life, short-drinking cycle, to maximize the protection and security of fresh water quality. In addition special food-grade film, white plastic will not cause environmental pollution, largeGreatly reduced carbon footprint, is more environmentally friendly packaging.



   I believe we black workshop for bottled water have heard head dyed, then the high cost of fraud bagged water it? The answer is very high! Pocket water needs require high standards of production equipment, more advanced production technology and advanced technology, we will be cut off from outside the high threshold fake, the real good water source of water to every family.

   In Example laoshan Taiqinggong Tamai bags of water. Water taken laoshan Taiqinggong water bags Tamai rear Taiqinggong Sanqing Tamai, more than 100 meters deep underground veins laoshan jade jade fissure water, hydrogeological survey showed mainly by Yu Dali glacial wells Infiltration fill rule, Laoshan mountain after thousands of years between migration, leaching the strontium beneficial to the body, silicic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, over 2,000 years tract drink, has a abundant legends and stories and good reputation. Such rare water is undoubtedly more suitable for this form of packaging bags of water. It is understood that the Laoshan Taiqing 5L and 10L water bag water bags endometrial bags were imported from France and the United States, it is understood that these endometrial bags imported into China for the period of three months. The reason why imported endometrial bags, Laoshan Taiqing jade well water official says, the main reason is that the current safety of imported endometrial bags, pressure better, can greatly reduce transportation logistics problems. Outer box has also been beautifully designed, high-end look Yazheng, full of Chinese traditional cultural elements, full expression of the water source and brand.


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   Water is the source of life, "water is the king of a hundred drugs, the water is the nutrient of the first" (Li), water attention sooner or later, and the degree has become a life decisions a large critical mass. He observed that many high-end home has accepted bags of water, and as the only drinking water. At the same time, there are many high-end home bags of water, and use bottled water, which is colliding with traditional consumption habits of dialogue and new consumption habits, it is an interesting phenomenon bottled water and bags of water era era with the handover. I believe that with more and more consumers with the importance of drinking water, bags of water that Chinese high-end home drinking water outlets will come soon!

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