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With the improvement of peoples living standards, health care concept growing, people are increasingly concerned about the quality of drinking water, urgent We need high-quality drinking water health. In particular new types of water, such as purified water, mineral water, so pure water on the human body have any effect?



   of purified water effect on the human body

1. high solubility, is easily absorbed by human cells, facilitate thirst, fatigue, to promote metabolism;.




2 is a weak alkaline drink, the system can eliminate the greasy body, and may further eliminate the lipid on a blood vessel, the blood vessel elasticity conducive to recovery;




3 medication can drink the drug fully dissolved, absorbed and improve the efficacy of the drug residue is excreted, can reduce the side effects;




4 can delay the absorption of alcohol, allowed to accelerate excretion, thus facilitating hangover;




5 sterol can reduce blood lipids, for high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease. patients drink;.




6 often wash with pure water to moisturize the skin, to prevent facial wrinkles, plays a cosmetic effect;




Thus , clean drinking water, not only can promote the body water and electrolyte balance speed up metabolism, thereby discharging harmful substances, but also can promote the body function properly. And the use of purified water for cooking, tea, food will taste better, stones caused in part by poor water quality, infectious diseases, skin diseases, cardiovascular disease are advised to clean drinking water.

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