Proper use of water purifis, you know how much this knledge

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   As the water purifier penetration in the domestic market continues, more and more consumers to buy a home water purifier for home water purification. Installation of water purifiers is very important to healthy drinking water, whether correct is very important, but so far only know a lot of people do not understand how to use the installation, due to an error caused by the use of household water purifiers led to the emergence not only has no effect a variety of hazards appear. So what exactly when consumers how to avoid the use of erroneous operation it?



   1, select the appropriate setting place

   as a water purifier

   Do not install a water purifier, prior to installation, be sure to find the right place. Water purifier can be installed in the kitchen. If the water purifier unplugged required, must be installed near the power supply and a drain, is easy to install in the vicinity of the power supply operate in the vicinity of the drain is to facilitate waste water. Where

   2, flush water purifier needs

   in order to use immediately after installation of the water purifier requires repeated washing. Some water purification products with built-in cartridge filtration membrane filter, usually there is protection protective solution, so newly installed water purifier, must be repeated washing, rinse after the protective liquid cleaner to use. If you go on vacation or a business trip, a long time away from home, water purifier disabled for some time, you should also wash before you start, because for a long time may not breed bacteria, so wash or necessary.

   3, to shut the inlet valve away from home for a long time

   If the user is away from home for some time, we must remember to close valve motivated. Because the water purifier opportunity has been in working condition, it will cause unnecessary waste and loss.

   4, the water softener is not drinkable

   soft water mainly absorb additional water calcium and magnesium ions, to remove scale, the purpose of reducing the hardness of water. Soft water softenersOf water to the bath, laundry, dishwashing and the like have a good effect on the skin is also good, but can not be directly consumed.

   As the old saying goes: the mouth, install a water purifier nothing more than to put an end to this situation, but it is precisely their own do not know, but incorrect use of natural we undo all our efforts. Therefore, consumers must not only understand water purifier itself but also understand the normal use of the product, in order to once and for all.

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