Nine Yang healthy drinkg water based on new appearance to br

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   November 3, Beijing Chaoyang Joy ushered in a special water purification industry conference - good quality water Lynx Life Festival. The conference, to join the new nine-yang water purification products JR5001 appearance, the scene attracted many onlookers consumers and the industry.



Lynx water quality of life Section conference site

   based on healthy drinking water, "Aerospace water purification Nine Yang made"

   the moment water pollution is becoming a frequent occurrence in peoples lives is a major problem, more and more people start to think about how to protect the safety of drinking water family, all kinds of water purification products and therefore subject to more attention, an increasingly popular market. At the same time, there are still some consumers because of the lack of understanding of the product and do not know how to choose. Coincided almost two-eleven, this good quality water Life Festival, aims to enhance consumer awareness of water purification products to help consumers choose the right water purification products in the two-eleven.



conference, general manager of marketing nine positive net kitchen Division Chen Peng

   "was selected as the only national brand program production, research and development of water purification products brand, nine positive has been the consumers attention and trust. in 2011, nine positive for the first time into the water purifier industry, based in China drinking water health and safety issues, in-depth research and innovation, safety and energy efficiency both, launched specifically for Chinese water quality design water purification products. "nine Yang, general manager of the marketing division Chen Peng expressed net kitchen.

   In 2014, nine positive with a strong scientific and technological strength, has become Chinas space space kitchen-cum-water purification technology partners, the civil aerospace technology into the field of water purification. Today, nine yang water purifier into the millions of households in China, the image of "space water purification Nine Yang made" more deeply, nine Yang has become the 2018 China water purifier 10 companies.

   Nine Yang JR5001 starting to create a new benchmark for large flux of water purification machines

   water purifier most important thing is to protect the water purification effect, nine positive JR5001 by a dual-core fine filter, import Hyde RO filter can be accomplished, ultra-fine filter, high efficiency filter can scale, bacteria, heavy metals and other hazardous substances. No more tank design eliminates the possibility of the bacteria to produce gas from the oxidation, afraid of bacteria, refuse secondary pollution.

   Meanwhile, a home water purifier needs to meet the needs of the whole family, so a certain amount of waterTo a large, nine positive this latest JR5001 full consideration to this point, specially designed 500 gallon capacity, one minute the water can reach 1.2L, carefree water speed and the amount of water fully able to meet the familys needs.



a live demonstration of the nine-yang water purification machines JR5001

   is not only powerful, this water purifier or a whole intelligent control simple and convenient machine. 5 seconds can quickly replace the filter, even children can easily operate. At the same time, this water purifier is also equipped with a removable interactive astronomical eye, it will be affixed to any site, at any time will be able to detect water quality, remind replace the filter, display filter life, but also with China Unicom mobile phone remote control, is simply a small monitoring experts.

   Of course, if you are color control value, then it is your only choice. Delicate stylish, graceful and elegant lines and refined details, will enhance the taste of home life light luxury.

   at the moment, nine-yang is accelerating the layout of water purification products, has developed a unique nine-yang "kitchen of the future" ecosystem, focus on original innovation, promote "home aesthetics" for the health of consumers, lightweight, warm Technology brand and product experience

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