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   In recent years, as the market demand for larger water purifiers, water purifiers development speed is faster, the major water purifier brand contests, competition is increasingly fierce, companies or because of some water purification product quality and backward production capacity, market positioning error or because the product is not suitable for market reasons, this has fallen on the battlefield without smoke, and another part of the water purification companies with their respective advantages are receiving the industrys "baptism." The industry believes that with the accelerated pace of life and the advancement of science and technology, the future business if you want to place in the water purifier market, personalized, diversified and intelligent development will be its only way.


   After twenty years of development, the water industry has made tremendous development, currently has more than 5,000 water purifier brands on the market. However, with the slowdown in economic growth, the water industry had to stop the high-speed forward "pace." In the highly competitive market environment, except for a few strong financial strength of enterprises can calmly deal with, most small and medium enterprises in the clean water "money shortage" and "talent shortage" in the struggle, which has become the development of the whole industry "hard hurt". Chino believes that the fierce market competition and industrial water purification industry structure determines the proportion of the overall brand water purifier market share is too dispersed, the current industry is still in the "Warring States Period."

   It is understood that Chinas water industry medium and small enterprises, industry concentration is relatively low, leading to water purification industry overcapacity issues outstanding, which, Chino think, relatively speaking, the water industry the relatively low barriers to entry, resulting in many small messy brands on the market are not even branded products. In Chino view, there are more than 5,000 water purifier brand is not normal on the market today, but also for consumers, no need to have so many brands to choose from.

   "In recent years, with the development of Internet information so that the interests of consumers has been greatly developed, the consumer has become the lifeblood of the real deciding the number of non-standard business, strength is not strong companies have been eliminated out of the game, including the market situation, Forced policies have failed to clean up some business. "Chino said that good business is getting better, but enterprises will gradually eliminate the difference, change the water purifier business transformation to an important stage .

   share of emerging appliances, water purifier "intelligent" industry get unprecedented attention, has become the main direction of change in the industry. Water purifier manufacturers Chino believes that the enterpriseIt should seize the opportunity to timely transformation, adhere to the user-oriented, to meet consumer demand, more important is a companys strategy and vision for the future development of enterprises layout.

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