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   As Chinas economic development, higher living standards, which means greater environmental pollution. In troubled people suffering from water pollution, the state environmental protection department, WHO and many people of insight have called for the protection of water resources, prevent pollution, but also put a lot of action, but it has little effect, and even become worse potential.

   focus on healthy living water of people have started to buy a home water purifier, there are a lot of investors see the huge benefits of space industry, water purification, water purifiers joined the agency wants to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. But water purifier to join the agency is a need to consider carefully the thing, venture capital entrepreneurs mostly hard-won, once the wrong choice could lose everything. To give our investors to establish a clear set of water purification agents joined ideas to reduce the blindness of investors, following on to analyze three key water purifiers to join the agency should be noted:


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   first, brand choice is the key

   to select more specialized manufacturer of water purifier water purifier brand, competitiveness is hard power, soft power will give this piece of water purification process to join the agency play an important advocacy role. At the same time, for franchisee support and training, as well as pay attention to after-sales service products, the convergence of hard and soft power, and lay a solid foundation for a bright future water purifier market operations. As the saying goes, chose not to strive in vain, choice is more important than the effort.

   Second, the production technology is the authority of the

   have to consider the technical aspects of the water purifier to join, because the technology is based on the product viable. Throughout the home water purification industrys big appliance brand to compete and eventually occupy a large share of the market it relies on technology. There are techniques have a say, for water purification agents operating in the process, we must strictly examine the companys product quality. As the saying goes is the product quality and the vitality of enterprises

   This is not to say any more, the only agency to remind you friend is, when looking at the water purifier brand companies must pay attention to whether the full license in particular product certification inspection and quarantine certificates and health authorities, and water this document. The second is the agent process to choose what kind of product, the choice of selling the demand for products is a key factor in the success of the agency. Of course, choose local products.

   again, win-win cooperation is the label

   water purifier market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, water purifier manufacturers to support efforts to determine the development trend of water purification agents. So the agents need to consider when choosing a water purifier manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers and Join process also requires overall planning to ensure that water purification agents operating in the process, can successfully develop new markets, good marketing. Xiao Bian that, water purifier manufacturers need to be prepared in cooperation more multi-path channel sales, strengthen efforts to support franchisees, mainly reflected in: store decoration support costs, lots of advertising, network promotion, marketing program planning support, dealers worry-free agent, easy to seize the market.

   Xiao Bian recommended to choose a good brand water purifier proxy for career development must do more with less, coupled with the water purification industry a huge market demand, water purifier business want to do is not difficult.

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