Shandong Chemical Industry Park sewage treatment staards to

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   October 15, Shandong Provincial Standing Committee passed the "Shandong Province Chemical Industry Park management practices identified." "Rules" is the overall security risk assessment has approved the aging period, the environmental impact assessment and feasibility reports of water resources planning. In order to further optimize the chemical park layout to enhance the safety level chemical parks, promote the transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency, accelerate the development of new and kinetic energy conversion, "measures" clearly, built-up area contiguous area of 鈥嬧€婥hemical Industry Park in more than five square kilometers, or planning contiguous area of 鈥嬧€媘ore than 8 square kilometers, built-up area of 鈥嬧€媘ore than 3 square kilometers, is located away from the main city of the city, not in the main city of the dominant wind direction.

   from the sensitive points of the park production, storage and schools, hospitals, residential clusters and so comply with the relevant requirements of national security, health protection and so on, city divided into districts or counties (cities, districts) government has prepared planning and commitment before 30 June 2020 to complete the relocation deemed eligible.

   to have centralized sewage treatment facilities

   hazardous waste disposal rate of 100%

   Chemical Industrial Park sewage treatment effluent quality in line with "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant emission standards "(GB19819-2002) index requirements of an a standard and relevant local standards. Park into the river (into the sea) sewage outfall should be set in line with relevant regulations, sewage discharge does not affect the receiving water body to achieve water quality and downstream water function zoning objectives determined.

   hazardous waste disposal rate of 100% in the chemical park. Equipped with safety, environmental monitoring and control system set. EIA approval requirements provided The groundwater monitoring wells and running.

   When there is no annual limit approved by the environmental protection, supervise the handling and rectification is not complete and other matters. According to industry conditions and characteristics of planning and construction of major products, equipped with fire fighting facilities and power meet the safety requirements.

   found the park overall score should be above the prescribed criteria

   zone identified to be the basis of the 12 necessary conditions are met, in accordance with "Shandong Chemical Industry Park score," Planning of the park, aspects of public infrastructure, safety, environmental protection, economic development and other refined Fufen, finds that the park should always score above the prescribed criteria.

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