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sales seems to be a never disappearing jobs, social demand that sales will not stop. There are a lot of people in the community engaged in sales, down to individuals to large enterprises. Sales of wages is also a great watershed, powerful sales monthly salary of over a million older drivers easy, but there are still a considerable number of people are still gnawing pathetic salary for performance falters and frustration. Exactly why, the same as sales, wages actually have such a big difference, is also a shop, opposite the business why always better than me?




It is undeniable that there is a certain relationship with the experience, but the experience can not serve as an excuse for everything, and when we do not increase performance, why not calm down and think about their own whether the correct attitude.

attitude of the product

attitude towards the product will affect the level of performance, if the sales of the companys products enough confidence, then they would have enough clout with customers at the time to explain, and then render to customers, the customer receives a subtle influence. On the other hand, self-confident enough of their own products, customers can fully convey useful information, attitudes towards their products if the correct positive. To spare no effort to explore the benefits of the product, a good sales do not blame the product harder to sell, but thinking about how to sell. We sell water purifiers in the same way when you want to explore all aspects of the advantages of the product, to be as understanding as to understand their products, this product is the right attitude.

his own attitude

treat their correct attitude should be: that he is very good, very strong, need to constantly enhance their confidence, even at the beginning of bad results still have to adhere to, because this is only temporary. Improve their attitude, need to give yourself constantly encouraged, never lose confidence, because in the face of the customers confidence in business is not hard to do. Inseparable from product sales and customer detailed communication, a successful exchange is the basis of sales talks. We want to try to pick emphasis on speaking to customers about the product, in general, customers will not remember more than three product advantages, correct understanding of their understanding of the product, the product can bring forth what customersInterest, because this community interests first.

attitude to customers

so to speak, the customer is god sales, how to find customers in a big crowd, it is often important point distance between the sales. Treat customers right attitude not want us to obey unconditionally, but empathy without violating the principles of Imagine, if you are a customer, you want what kind of service. And each clients character both good and bad, each sales my heart must have principles, how to deal with what the customers. But one thing, each customer should be sincere, do not use the wrong message to perfunctory customers, they must also slick, treat customers should be frank and serious.




was selling water purifiers and sell home appliances business fire was not, someone specializing in selling water purifiers but business was bad. Admittedly there exist objective factors, but we need to do is subjective factors be resolved. He can do a good job of trying to achieve the ultimate, complaining, depressed is not a solution to the problem, most importantly, correct their attitude towards people and things, because sometimes, the attitude really is everything. A





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