Water -vomit yellow water-, residential w difficult _ Amican

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  Water "vomit yellow water" hard water of residents: Tim net water purification Views: 715 Published: 2015-11-24 14:17:50 Tim net household water purifiers Xiao Bian, Dongguan Shek Pai village was under house currently residents ran into the problem of drinking water, according to residents of the village reflect the village one hundred villagers plagued with water, let alone water flow out of the drinking, bathing is not possible, at the village of drinking water in the end whats wrong Why can not drink, why will not even take a bath, to follow the small series together to understand the next. 姘寸鈥滃悙榛勬按鈥濓紝灞呮皯鐢ㄦ按闅? align= the problem of aging water pipes and more reporters came to Dongguan Shek Pai had lower house of the village, the villagers complained to reporters constantly plumbing problem, some villagers said: the village water pipes used for twenty years, this long enough, and now in the water basically water, rust, outside water pipes are also rust, we up in the morning to pick up water, the water is yellow, be sure to turn on the water for some time to put out water. Iron smell heavy, people worried. According to reports of the villagers, the water pipe Dongguan Shek Pai village was under the house used for too long, badly rusted, and often appeared pipe rupture phenomenon, even if there are some villagers to own pipeline into a plastic tube, but still can not change rusty water main pipe poor facts. Even more Wohuo that the pipeline is too small, the water pressure off, as long as the water peak, a lot of people do not have access to water. Pressure not been for the night to nine, on the second floor who do not have access water. The villagers hope for an early solution to the current water problems, the villagers has been reflected to the water sector, I hope the relevant authorities can solve the problem as soon as possible. The villagers generally felt: it is hoped to repair a large pipe, every household has water. I hope the Government under the coordination to solve the water problem in our village. Tim net water purification equipment Tucao a small series could not help but think, reflect the villagers certainly not a day or two, the relevant departments should as soon as possible to solve this problem, the water problem is the peoples livelihood, the people holding the money, it is necessary for the people cancellation point disaster ah.

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