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  , who lives near the public Changchun Yatai Street water treatment plant will be found next to the original name and purification plants, one labeled "Changchun City, the South Stream project Ministry of Culture and Ecology Park" quietly put up a plaque, and plaque at the same time there appears aerial view of Changchun City, the South stream ecological park of culture, renderings, etc. ...... reporter learned yesterday, Changchun City, South stream culture and ecology Park and landscape architecture program recently reviewed by experts and departments. Water treatment plant site will be transformed into a magnificent cultural characteristics of the ecological park, will be the most northeastern story theme park.

   creating an ecological park with a sponge concept of urban development of the

   water treatment plant site is located in Changchun Yatai at the intersection of Avenue Road and water purification. In 1932, the water purification plant in Changchun City, where the first water purification system established in 1936, the second expansion of the water purification system in 1953, finished third in the purification system to form the first water plant in Changchun City, the earliest. After the new plant is completed, gradually deserted down here, it has gradually been forgotten. But for now, here once again become a place of attention, where a culture of Northeast Asian water theme park shows, regenerative science base in Changchun city, the citys flora and fauna habitat will soon be born.

   According to reports, Changchun City, water purification plant location in the Yitong River and Lake main axis of the landscape, close to Changchun City, focused on planning projects - Yitong Riverside shore wetlands, walk to the Yitong River Wetlands just five minutes, closely adjacent one kilometer from the subway station Yitong, and historical and cultural blocks and six in three Changchun City. This is very beneficial to build a cultural and ecological park. In addition, the initial plant combined with three gullies, forming a favorable pattern of the venue, as long as fully tap the status quo topography, the continuation of the relationship between architecture and environment integration, that can provide the basis for water ecology and diversity.

   reported that the waterworks plant area of 鈥嬧€媘ore than 80 original buildings, a total of 47,700 square meters, of which 18 listed building as Manchukuo period. These buildings will be demolished part. Including 18 reserved Manchukuo period listed building, will retain a total of 37,500 square meters of old buildings, the rest of the building will be demolished 10,200 square meters, 10,100 square meters will be built building. Which will retain the building renovation project. When completed, the entire regions construction area will reach 57,800 square meters.

   "After the transformation, there will be the Northeast Asian culture theme show water park, will be the most stories of the entire northeast regionpark. "In accordance with the program designed to regenerate urban environment Nanling water as a carrier activation of ecological resources, sharing as the core way to create a new generation of urban regeneration and ecological resource sharing model. + Maximize the amount of water through the green ecological theme, the greatest degree protection of ecological afforestation resources; reproduction by cultural context + historic building reuse, maximize respect for historical and cultural sites; + substitution by functional integration into the industry, shaping the city to maximize the ecological viability; through the construction of full age of venues, while keeping the total construction balance, reflects the resources to maximize the value of land. At the same time, the protection of cultural buildings, topography and vegetation important history, Chinas industrial heritage protection urban renewal and a new model. cultural and ecological park is provided with six functional blocks of areas, namely water, cultural ecology historic cultural Fair, cultural and creative industry demonstration base, green technology testing ground, sports carnival, live art and fashion show. in these areas, there is a tree house, clean water tank, public squares, bridges, boardwalk, wetland landscape, outdoors water purification shows, interactive water features, etc. more than ten landscapes.

   a feature of the park, which uses the concept of sponge urban construction. "respect the venue itself is a good eco-system, combined with a sponge urban construction. "Park building roof will have a roof drainage, rainwater after a preliminary purification supplement to groundwater. Meanwhile, in the parking area, the public square, and other venues will use permeable paving materials, achieve collect and reuse rainwater. [ 123]

   design adopted unanimously expert

   May 25, "Changchun City, South stream cultural and ecological park architecture and landscape plan" experts and sector review joint meeting held in Rudder Tower. from the relevant working groups Yitong River comprehensive management leading group office technology solutions group, etc., the headquarters of a dozen representatives, together with the members of the group attended the meeting and listened to the program.

   taking into account the Changchun City South stream culture and ecology Park project is located in the heart of the city, located in the original Nanling water, there are 270,000 square meters of ecological green space within the design range, both Changchun water supply and industrial monuments and cultural imprint feature, therefore, the design unit to protect the ecological afforestation resources according to the maximum extent , the maximum respect for the historical and cultural sites, the greatest degree of shaping the principles of urban ecology, this project was detailed and comprehensive design and planning.

   national registered architect, researcher Sun Shoudong, the former Changchun city Bureau of Parks Deputy Secretary Li Xiaojing, Jilin Province Civil windConstruction Engineering Design Co., Ltd., chairman Shi Tiejun, deputy director of the Changchun Institute of conservation science Wang, Jilin University architecture professor Mo Wei and other experts, respectively, from the landscaping, functional design, heritage conservation, historical and cultural connotation angle design a serious discussion, and made specific comments and suggestions. The group agreed that the overall program architecture clear thinking, ecological, historical, cultural, functional aspects were put forward practical design strategies and specific methods, it is recommended to further improve on this basis. In landscape design, especially in the selection of plants, consider seasonal changes in abundance. Especially vinblastine long winter, as the water culture theme park, the water situation should be combined with winter snow and ice class facility designed to better serve the public, highlighting the local culture.

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