Water purifier retail market share rising demand

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   within the industry dividend weakened, retail sales were down in 2019

   water purifier, also known as water purifier, water purifier, is based on the use of water on the water quality depth filtration, purification treatment water treatment equipment. According to Ovid cloud network data show that in 2013 - 2018 retail sales of water purifiers showing trend year by year. 2018 retail sales of water purifiers to 10.728 million units, up 14.9%; January to November 2019, retail sales of water purifiers to 10.452 million units.


   According to Ovid cloud network data show, 2013--2018, my countrys water purifier retail sales showing trend year by year, but its growth rate is declining. 2018 retail sales of water purifiers to 31.69 billion yuan, an increase of 17.4%; 2019 January to November, my countrys retail sales of 28.49 billion yuan a water purifier. 2019 China water purifier market is mainly due to the impact factor of the domestic economic environment and real estate adjustment, the environment within the industry bonuses weakened, leading to a decline in retail sales of water purifier market.

   due to the impact of Chinese New Year 2020 epidemic, the states increasing emphasis on green consumer electronics, forward-looking analysis, water purifier will be under favorable policy environment, market demand will be further expanded in the future development of larger space industry . Market well-known brands at


   the United States into line line

   of the water purification industry marketing market is divided into two retail market online and offline. 2018, the United States is our water purifier online brands accounted for a higher share of the channel, its share reached 16%; and the higher market share in online channel brands for the United States, which accounted for 27%.


   water purifier retail sales accounting in east China up to 30.88%

   From the regional distribution of Chinas water purifier sales, Chinas water purification industry is mainly concentrated in East and Central South area; which, water purifier sales in 2019 accounted for the Eastern Region of China reached 30.88 percent, among the highest; followed by South Africas retail sales accounted for 19.91%.


   Jiangsu Province, water purifiers strong demand, the retail market share of over 10%

   from specific provinces and water purificationLine retail distribution channels under the control point of view, Jiangsu Province in 2019 to 10.55% market share ranks first; share of retail sales accounted for more than 5% of provinces and cities were Jiangsu Province, Sichuan Province, Guangdong Province, Chongqing City and Shandong Province. Next, in 2020, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangdong, Shandong and Chongqing will continue to be areas of high water purifiers, the market will continue to release.


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