You should know that clean air purifiers Raiders, and quickl

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  You should know that clean air purifiers Raiders, and quickly collection! ! Time: at 18:06 on September 13, 2017 Hits: 36 Many families in the use of air purifiers for some time and found that it appeared odor adsorption lot of dust on the filter. So for a long time with an air purifier, how do we clean it? In fact, the air cleaner filter used in each layer different materials, cleaning methods are not the same. Inside a first common air cleaner filter layer, it is large air conditioning filters shape the pre-filter, which can filter large particulate contaminants such as previously human hair and the like. But its use will be gathered over time a certain amount of dust, which affects the intake, influence of air purification effect, it is necessary to use cleared up. Now to teach you how to clean the air purifier filters to help you better clean indoor air: 1, pre-filter generally 1-2 times a month clean-up is appropriate, the filter can be removed when cleaning, using a vacuum cleaner or clear away the dust cloth, such as the manufacturer specified filter can be washed with water, washed clean with water after use, or need drying with a hair dryer and then into the air cleaner. 2, the use of HEPA filter technology, without specifically stated are not washed, but at the moment the country is more serious indoor air pollution, HEPA filter life up to only three months or less, which also it means that HEPA filters need to be changed frequently. Although the high cost of replacement HEPA filter by vacuum cleaning can extend its life to a certain extent, but if the general was white HEPA filter surface has become black, in order to ensure that the air filter effects and physical health, it is recommended or be replaced as soon as possible. 3, the activated carbon filter maintenance, although also require frequent replacement so as to avoid saturation adsorption, but the same can be periodically taken out and placed in the sunlight, in order to maintain their purifying effect, extend its service life. While more dust on the fan blades, you can use a long brush to remove dust on the general maintenance once every six months. Dust / odor sensor cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended to guide the reference step instructions on the product. 4, home air purifier prior to initial use should be noted that according to actual needs, the right place for indoor placement, to ensure smooth air cleaner when placed in place, while ensuring inlet, outlet smooth, and then allowed to stand at room temperature for half an hourBefore turning on power use. Finally, when the air cleaner is not used, it should be thoroughly cleaned put into the box, stored in a ventilated, dry place. Of course, the usual air cleaner from moisture, so as to avoid moisture damage or efficiency decrease. Previous: Tips [Raiders] How to choose the use of an area of 鈥嬧€媡he air purifier

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