Patio water purifier fifty-one home improvement warm season

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   [network] water purifier investment flow hot appliance stores, as consumers come to purchase a new home furniture, home appliances, "an endless stream."

   In the context of escalating consumption, consumer psychology is undergoing a subtle change from the original focus on home appliances price, function to focus on health and the quality of the home environment. And water as a source of life, is one of peoples daily life essential elements, drinking water safe and healthy home environment to fundamentally improve the quality of peoples lives, so water purifiers become more and more families to consider in the decoration health appliances.


   Patio as a professional domestic water purifier brand, based on consumer demand for healthy drinking water and pain points, continued to emerge, with a hard-core products to meet consumer demand for a healthy home environment of drinking water. It is reported that since April 20, Patio "election Patio home water purifier, the joy of family Anxin Xi - Meet the big 5.1 release price," the official home improvement season curtain-line activities, designed to give a new home to start a new life consumption who can be safe and healthy water to drink.

   According to Patio event officials said, between April 20 to May 19 date, Patio will bring many offline stores to create a full-coverage "51 Spring Decoration Day" launched a series of " health, quality, high-end "water purification products for consumers to choose, to make a new home water purifier home, health care, drinking water and quality of life of each family, detonated the fifty-one home improvement season with attentive service and sincere intensity of activities.


   The understanding of the product Patio resource activities under the "May Day home improvement season" line, include the new Patio nowadays, explosion models models, net heat one, such as different types of products, readily available, water purification products for consumers to choose according to their actual demand for water. During the event there will be straight down $ 2,000 and above rates

   at the launch of the product, the most attention is the Patio 2019 line the main push of the new product line -! Thin airfoil series of new water purification is KRL8808, is designed for the limited space new home kitchen and in medium tailored, 165mm slim size design, reduces space requirements for installation cabinet, kitchen can save more space for the next user. Meanwhile, the water purifier 800G also has a large flow, i.e., fresh water was filtered drink, then 200ml water glass full 5.7 seconds, to ensure real-time fresh water. Such a thin wing series of new products in the future is expected in the HomeSeason ushered in the outbreak, protect water quality and safety for the growing number of home owners.

   In addition to providing consumers with great intensity activities outside, Patio in the quality of services is also under the foot work, all of the products from a variety of pre-sale offer, sale and delivery to install one, Patio could to provide consumers with safe and reliable service guarantee. It is understood, Patio has built up a "twelve" Gold system, every sale processes are in strict accordance with the standards of the standardization system, to create a thoughtful, careful, thoughtful, high-quality service for every consumer. During the

   home improvement season, whether it is a new house decoration or existing home renovation, home improvement style, while paying attention to pay more attention to home life safety of drinking water to create a healthy home environment clean and create better drinking water for the family condition. Activities under the April 20 official curtain Patio fifty-one line of home improvement season, is committed to providing a one-stop shop to support clean water is about to open a new home for the new life of consumers, provide healthy pure quality of home life for consumers .

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