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  5 Q water purification important not understand, please do not use water purifier Time: 2018-12-28 14:04:54 This article came to believe friends are a little bit of understanding of water purifier, but is ignorant ignorant understand. Some friends in the purchase of water purifiers often hear some specialized vocabulary suddenly Mongolia, and therefore learn more about water purification jargon is imperative. So here we give popularize the 10 most common questions and answers our knowledge of water purifier. Water 1.RO machine too clean, long-term drinking will lead to nutritional deficiencies. A: Yes. Suppose you in this life only drink water to sustain life, then. Well it was a good answer, I believe many of my friends will have this question, whether it is a quasi users do not buy or buy just hearsay user RO machines are "long-term drinking water machine RO unhealthy, even what had rickets Whats "the small group of partners are scared" out of their wits. " Over here to tell you that this is actually exaggerated performance. Why? Pro-see below decomposition. Mineral content of the water is not much trace elements, mainly from the general daily diet also get way. Even installed RO machine, it does not mean that we live in an environment that only pure water. Now the machine is equipped with double RO water, the primary filter portion of the water, do not take the RO membrane, it can be used for cooking soup, tea and the like domestic water. The nutrients absorbed substances can also be acquired from the channel. ? 2. The pre-filter can affect the water flow it A: Pre-filters are generally designed to be an inch of mouth, to ensure maximum flow rate, if your home water pipes are 6 points, or four points, it has conversion interface, turn into your home water pipes with the same diameter, it has no effect on the amount of water. 3.RO machine Why waste water discharged Answer:? RO membrane to filter water, hazardous substances and water will be discharged through the wash, or RO membranes to plug. 4.TDS value what role specific reference water experts see the official website of "alert! Do not let the water purifier business TDS values 鈥嬧€媌ecome your means flicker", where only a simple analysis. TDS water quality testing or detection are meaningful, especially when too many impurities in the water quality, TDS will show a larger value, simply, the TDS value related to the cleanliness of the water quality. TDS is representative of the total dissolved solids, measured in milligrams / liter (mg / L), which indicates that a solution of 1 liter of water in milligrams of dissolved solids. The higher the TDS value is,The more impurities contained in the water, but these impurities are not to be detected, will be beneficial natural minerals classified as "impurities" category, and therefore can not be determined whether the water as potable standard within a reasonable range. Many water purifier sales staff will deceive consumers with TDS value, 0 is not necessarily good water, remember again. ? The water is safe to drink the water softener do A: water softener just play a softening effect on hard water only, and no filtering. So the occasional sip all right, it is not recommended for long-term drinking, especially sodium intake of patients with strict requirements.

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