Seventh Beijing Water Show will be opened _ top t water puri

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  Seventh Beijing Water Show will be opened Author: Tim net water purification Views: 606 Published: 2016-9-30 10:29:14 Seventh Beijing Water Show by the China Film Industry Association, China Architectural Culture Center, Netherlands Amsterdam RAI international convention and Exhibition Center, the Haihe Rui Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly organized, housing and urban construction sector support. Beijing Water Show will be held October 13 --15 kicked off in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. Ten brand water purifier water show in Beijing has since the beginning of pre-registered audience through the "Beijing Water Show" official website, the public micro-channel number, customer service manual three ways free pre-registration. The exhibition display area expanded to 40,000 square meters, the theme for the optimization and upgrading of the plate "Industrial Water District", "clean water zone", "membrane area", "pump control valve area," the four zones, and the addition of "air fresh air zone" . Free admission to the exhibition of pre-registration is hot, it is expected to usher in three days 25,000 professional visitors. Nearly a thousand exhibitors a comprehensive picture of the whole field of technology equipment and solutions. The 15th China International Housing Industry Exhibition is also held simultaneously, where the holders of 2016 Beijing Water Exhibition visitors can visit the badge of free admission.

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