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  What is the drink straight - straight drink what benefits Published: at 17:21 on October 13, 2017 Hits: 46 With the development of technology and the growing problem of water pollution, people developed a fast and safe water purification products - drink straight, straight drink machine not only bring people healthy water quality, but also to peoples lives brought protection. But many consumers to this new type of water purification equipment but do not know, it just below the small series together to learn about it. What is straight drink drink straight municipal raw water is filtered and purified (physical method) to produce a human-machine direct purification of drinking water, water purification equipment is also referred to as terminal. By various adsorption and filtration unit to filter out contaminants in the water, such as rust, colloidal substances, odor and smell, and a number of chlorine disinfection by-products, organic pollutants, heavy metals, etc., for the direct production of potable water. 1. The benefits of drinking straight water dispensers save time and money costs of both heating and cooling functions of the fountain and ordinary than the powerful, water connection will be able to produce drinking water, drinking how much production, its biggest highlight is the use of heat exchange equipment drinking water technology, and drinking more than 80% energy saving compared to a year can save out of one, several or even the money to buy the machine for drinking water consumers save a lot of long-term investment. 2. To improve the quality of drinking water dispensers enhance the built-in advanced water purification filters, water treatment meet the national drinking water standards. The charm is still as straight drinking fountains, the use of low-pressure RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration is the process through pure treated water fresher than bottled water, safer and more hygienic, and this is one of the biggest benefits of water dispensers. 3. safe and efficient water dispensers strong supply capacity, want to drink hot water and warm water, as long as the temperature enough, at any time to drink, easy and convenient. Straight drinking fountains encountered leakage and other dangerous situations, it will automatically power off, use more secure. 4. The water dispenser have good water taste purification, the purified water removes impurities and odor, water quality, sweet fresh feeling after drinking. Good taste to let water dispensers become a favorite of many consumers. Currently, more welcomed by everyone of water purification products are straight drink machines, water purifiers, they are equipped with water purification function, so no matter what kind of product you buy, be according to their actual situation to buy. Previous: Secret: the difference between pure water and drink straight

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