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  Tian net vertical pipeline machine TG-L3 (D) a comprehensive listing welcome author: Tim net water purification Views: 425 Time: 2017-3-25 9:32:14 tim net vertical pipeline machine TG-L3 ( D) is the net water purifier company Jiangsu Tian Jinhua building technology development Co., Ltd. launched the all-new vertical pipeline machine. Many tim net vertical line machine TG-L3 (D) highlights streamer gold, as follows: i.e., thermal design, heat is to drink now, to eliminate thousands of boiling water, the use of more assured energy. Electronic touch switches, high-grade air. There room temperature water, boiling water, ice water three options. Comes with child lock function to open the child lock protection to prevent contact with children burns and safe. Patented technology boiling seconds, 3 seconds i.e. the boiling water, quickly and conveniently. It comes with anti-dry protection, leakage protection, safe and secure. Nano-electric film heating technology, the internal temperature can reach 100 degrees, effectively kill harmful microorganisms in the water, to solve the water problem of secondary pollution, make drinking water more healthy. 鎭噣绔嬪紡绠$嚎鏈篢G-L3(D)鍏ㄩ潰涓婂競锛屾杩庨€夎喘

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