Optical level sensors application soluon ia water cooler

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Water is the source of life, water is the first element of the protection of human health. "Healthy drinking water" has become a hot topic of concern, especially with the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasingly high demand for water dispensers, drinking fountains performance accompanied also become a hot research.


prospects for the domestic fountain market research report pointed out that domestic water dispenser market development at the same time, some of the problems gradually exposed, especially temperature control and water level control system, repeatedly burning of "thousands of boiling water" and prone to dry burning, seriously affecting peoples health, so a reasonable design temperature and water level control system, drinking fountains become the key to solving the problem. Following small and everyone look at the photoelectric level sensor application solutions in a water cooler it.



At present, many market dispenser tank level monitoring program classification, the transparent storage tank, it can be seen by the naked eye when a user uses the water is too low, the need to prepare changing the water; and non-transparent for the tank, such as tea machine, the user can not see the real-time changes in the water level in the tank, do not know when to change the water. Currently employed are weighing on the market program, receiving real-time measurement tips water tank, but is limited to a change in the structure of the tank, it can not meet some applications.


In fact, the water level detection method other than weighing mode, capacitive measurement of the liquid level detection mentioned above there are many simplest, most convenient way is to use two electrode rod directly in the tank . Mainly air and water, measuring the water level of different conductivity. Large water conductivity, resistance is small when the contact is flooded, a short circuit between the electrode core and the container housing, the circuit is turned on. While in a low conductivity of the electrode in the air, so that the circuit nowhere. This way easy to install, but after a long time will produce electrolysis, whereas electrolysis matter will affect water quality, harmful.


However, with the social development and scientific and technological progress, level measurement sensor behind a lot of measurement have been eliminated. Using the latest measurement technology, measurement speed and accuracy of certain requirements of the sensor in order to survive in the era of things. In terms of non-contact measurement, to use an ultrasonic level sensors, capacitance level sensors; in the contact measurement on the photoelectric level sensor.



Optical level sensing formulaIs the use of the principle of optical reflection level detection, when anhydrous receive light emission tube emitted in all, an anhydrous state is determined; refraction of light when there is water in the water, only a small amount of the pipeline is received, it is determined that the state of water.


The state of the photoelectric sensor is attached to the bottom of the machine level of the tank, when the water level to drop low, the photoelectric sensor will give a signal level prompt the dry state, the device stops working, the water will automatically enter added ;



when mounted on the sides, when adding water to a certain position, the photoelectric sensor will give a signal level, so that the device is stopped by adding water, to prevent overflow of water . British low-cost photoelectric SST level sensor network to provide the Mining / Optical Level Switch - LLC200A3SH provides a single point level detection, especially for high volume OEM customers design of the sensor comprises an infrared emitting source and a detector, the mounting position accuracy, to ensure that both achieve a good optical coupling in air. When the tapered end of the sensor immersed in a liquid, the infrared light will be transmitted out of the tapered surface, the light intensity reaching the detector becomes weak.



low-cost photoelectric level sensor / photoelectric level switch LLC200A3SH characteristics: fast


(1) response speed.


(2) 10mA driving current output switch phototransistor.


(3) Working temperature: -20 to 85 degrees, M12 thread.


(4) leads to 250mm 24AWG, 8mm tin and other characteristics.


low-cost photoelectric level sensor / photoelectric switch LLC200A3SH typical application level:


spa pool, leakage detection, beverage vending machines, food and drink machines, medical, compressor, printer , pumps, household electrical appliances, the oil level monitoring, HVAC, machine tools, high and low level switch, level control, automotive electronics.


low-cost photoelectric level sensor / photoelectric switch LLC200A3SH level electrical parameters:


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