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  Why the original drink bottled water, and later have opted for a water purifier? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 1652 Published: 2019-2-28 16:46:09 For families, the most common drinking water in two ways: bottled water and water purifiers. In theory both ways can be thought of drinking water families to safe drinking water. So what exactly is to choose a water purifier, or the alternative of bottled water? Today we took gradually recognized by everyone with a traditional water purifier bottled water compare, everyone will have an account After reading it, in the end is more suitable for the kind of life now, we look together: a, we drink range by 100 families (city: 50 rural: 50) daily use of water to do a detailed investigation, the results showed that: a familys total water, drinking water accounts for only 2% of water-related cooking accounting for 25%, and other domestic water accounted for 73%. Cooking water you ignore it? Among daily water inlet into the body of water includes not only water, further comprising cooking water, it should be 27% of total water consumption. However, most of the family only noticed improvement is better than 2% of drinking water, it is to choose to drink bottled purified water, 25% of the cooking water but did not do anything, it entrance into the body. The water purifier whether home drinking water problem or a problem he can solve, fully meet the daily needs of water. Bottled water - to solve the drinking water problem, and make use asking too much water purifiers - to solve the drinking water and other channels, and affordable two, health and safety Recently, Guangdong Province, Shandong Province have released food safety supervision and sampling information, a total of 16 batches Heibang on the secondary drinking water, of which 13 batches of the project failed due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa. There are a lot Guangdong excessive content metasilicate, 2 batches of excessive levels of bromate. The consequences of these bacteria, caused by excessive salt materials, ranging from vomiting and diarrhea, severe cancer. In addition, bottled water quality from unknown sources, frequent water black heart; bucket material, accessories unqualified, sinister barrel and more; large amount of water, daily demand is not high, easy to breed bacteria. The water purifier manufactured products have strict testing, and there are promulgated by the state water approvals, product quality assurance, Furthermore purifier of water to drink are conducted completely closed, it will not come into contact with the air, to avoid bacteria breeding and other secondary pollution problem, we can say that in their own home water purifier built a small factory unsolicited, the current systemNow drink, safety and health. Bottled water - quality itself, secondary pollution problem difficult to solve water purifier - the current system is to drink, the water quality is guaranteed, safe and secure Third, the economic cost According to the survey: the average water consumption per month per family of 5 tons . The average unit price of bottled purified water for the city: 6 yuan / barrel, the countryside: 3 yuan / barrel. Then: the total amount of water inlet into the body is: 5 脳 (2% + 25%) = 1.35 (t) = 1350 (L) calculated with 18.9 liters of bottled water: 1350 梅 18.9鈮?1 (barrels) per monthly fee: city: 71 脳 6 = 426 (yuan), rural: 71 脳 3 = 213 (yuan) annual cost: city: 426 脳 12 = 5112 (yuan) in rural areas: 213 脳 12 = 2556 ( ?? yuan) 10-year cost of it ...... 20-year cost of it ...... after we count this economic account, you will find: a year of your water can be installed 1-2 sets a more worthy of attention! is: after you use a small annual cost to almost negligible amount of water according to the above analysis, the use of water purifiers comprehensive cost of water per barrel (18.9 liters) of 0.45 yuan, and increased as the water consumption! this cost will be reduced. You find water purifier price is only equivalent to the cost of urban users to use bottled water for half a year Oh, and after you can save more money every year. After looking at what their own, perhaps you will say that after using this device filter must be replaced every year, it is also a cost. Correct! Whoever promises you do not have to replace the filter, it is absolutely a liar, a flicker! The timely replacement of filter media in order to ensure water quality. But then, annual replacement filter costs just need you to use bottled water costs less than one-tenth. Bottled water - was the lowest annual consumption of nearly 3,000 yuan, a year so water purifiers - an investment 2,3 thousand long-term benefit, count the cost of only a few hundred dollars per year

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