Raw and cooked drink it mixewith water

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   the raw water becomes heated to high temperatures boiled water, but some people suspected of boiled water too hot like to add some of the raw water, raw water mixed with water and cooked to drink it? Or to answer everyone Xiaobian it.




and small series live in a community, a friend asked Xiao Bian now can directly drink unboiled water it? Xiao Bian think it is necessary here to solemnly tell you really can not be directly drink unboiled water soon after drinking the body is very harmful, it is best to drink boiled water, but some people like to mix raw and cooked water to drink not only to ask the raw and cooked water mixed drink?


The raw water is boiled water after high-temperature heating water, there is basically no bacteria, and raw water which contains a lot of bacteria not killed, if this time you have bacterial raw water again pour into boiling water instead of burning white, and say not to drink raw water is unfamiliar will cause diarrhea, there may be infected with the parasite, so you are serious, so wed better not drink this.


In fact, the raw water to the boiling water is what we often say that the water yin and yang, yin and yang water may contain a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, and therefore yin and yang drinking water may cause a variety of intestinal infectious diseases, yin and yang much water produced by a single float type water boiler cylinder structure.


A lot of people in their daily lives are exposed to water yin and yang, such as a large part of our people are drinking fountains of water, when the fully automatic point hot water boiler water shortage, it will automatically add water. At this point, if people do not pay attention to the ground water or other emergency drinking, electric water boiler water would flow of yin and yang. If it is not treated water, out of the water straight from the tap and water mix, water to drink after this yin and yang to the body only harm, not through water disinfection is not only a large number of bacteria can also cause human gastrointestinal disorders, even cause cholera. We generally drink bottled water, the treated, clean water directly to drink boiled water and mix into the water yin and yang, there is no documentary evidence to support drinking harmful to the body. But got to ensure clean drinking fountains, to regularly clean drinking fountains, as well as find some of the bottled water business trust.


through relevant content small as we finish we should be clear of the raw water and boiled water can not be mixed together and drink, and we had better not drink unboiled water, and we hope for their own and familys health learn some knowledge of small household drinking water.




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