Water purifier filtlife dfently afcted by foufactors

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   Although the water purifier to solve the current problem of drinking water safety, but equipment wear and tear is inevitable. Water purifier filter is the need for regular replacement, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution of drinking water. Now, Xiao Bian give you about four factors that affect water purifier filter life.




water purification filter life affected by different factors of four (pictures from the network)

   1, the type of filter element

   [123 ] types of home water purifier filter currently there are many species, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, RO film, we should and local water quality to choose when buying a home water purifier according to their needs. However, different types of water purifier filter replacement cycle is different, in general are between 6 months to 3 years. But this "general", but always allow the user hanging in the heart fit.

   2, water quality

   different from water, the water quality for different regions of the length of life of the water filter cartridge are different, good water quality in some places, so that cartridge replacement cycle to It will be relatively extended, and vice versa if you live where the water quality is poor, then perhaps you need more frequent replacement water purifier filter drinking water in order to ensure their own health.

   3, the intensity of use

   Whether you use what kind of water purifier, filter replacement frequency are determined one of the most important indicators of frequency. To know any cartridge filtration capacity is a limit. When the filter reaches a saturation point would have to be replaced, it is more important to not waste outlet water purifier for, otherwise, the outflow of water from the water purifier and even secondary pollution, not as good as tap water yet. Therefore, using the intensity (frequency) of the high water purifier cartridge further require periodic replacement.

   4, product quality

   of the high quality filter replacement cycle is generally much longer than the low-quality products. In recent years, household water purifiers high profits has attracted many manufacturers have put into operation, which also led to the product quality of household water purifiers uneven from one side. Some manufacturers in the production and marketing of water purifiers to focus more on the concept of speculation for the actual purification effect is very limited. Some manufacturers to reduce the production cost of water filter cartridge and the host, using relatively low cost materialsTherefore, it can not guarantee the quality of its water purification, such cartridge life will be much shorter, and more likely to be secondary pollution, for the people to drink more dangerous.

   above four factors that affect the life of the water purifier, hope to help you more safeguard water purifiers, water purifiers enjoy life to bring clean water.

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