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   Speaking of HC purification network to play music, "unplugged" is a measure of the strength of a concert singer. The "Unplugged" refers not to the use of electronic musical instruments, musical performances without modification and processing of electronic equipment. It abandoned the electro-acoustic band effect, as far as possible through the use of acoustic instruments, in order to obtain a pure tone, to achieve a more primitive simple sound effects, to show the true nature of the charm of music.

   and in the circle of home appliances, in fact, there is a product that has a plug with a difference unplugged, you know what that is?

   Now just go one people rarely say which I did not install water purifier. The points from the type currently on the market mainstream household water purification products are divided into two types of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, it has "unplugged and plugged in" points.

   So in the end what is the difference between the two, consumers should be how to choose it? This old thing the driver door clear! I listen to you talk about ......

   "Unplugged" How wonderful ! saving! saves space!

   there is a water purifier called ultrafiltration water purifiers, is what we often say that no plug-in. Ultrafiltration is sieved using a principle of a membrane separation technology, a pressure differential driving force across the membrane, under a certain pressure, when the water flows through the membrane surface, the surface of the microporous membrane only allows water and by small molecules, the volume of the substance in water greater than the surface pore size of the membrane were trapped, so as to achieve the purpose of purification of water quality. And about 0.01 microns pore size, the pore size allowing only water molecules, minerals and trace elements useful water by volume of bacteria is generally more than 0.02 m, the bacteria and the bacteria is much greater than the volume of colloid, rust, suspended matter, so can be super sediment trapped under the membrane.

   Having said that, it then simply, ultrafiltration water purifier in the course of their work, to retain some of the water beneficial elements. After all, we in addition to drink plenty of water, also add minerals and trace elements from the water. The most harmful substances have been shut out, so as to achieve purification. This working process, using the principle of filtering the water, there is no need plug!

   UF water purification unplugged, the old cell is not reserved for some power interfaceUser convenience, such as my home is an ultrafiltration water purifier. Anyway, usually drink to buy boxes of mineral water, generally use this water purifier is to wash dishes, make a meal or something, completely!

   ultrafiltration water purifiers do not use electricity, so line installation it a lot easier, and unplugged it will not produce any noise, as if nothing as installation!

   "unplugged" is king! mainstream! purer!

   in contrast, the RO reverse osmosis water purification often say that we need the plug, since the required power, the principle of reverse osmosis membrane technology which has been strictly filterable and non-filterable distinguished, the reverse osmosis membrane pore size of 0.0001 microns can be achieved, this type ultrafiltration than many fine! virus 0.02-0.4 micrometers in diameter is normal, common bacteria is from 0.4 to 1 micron in diameter, the water filtered through the reverse osmosis membrane is substantially pure the water.

   has a reverse osmosis water purification inlet and two outlets, in addition to good filtered purified water, it will also produce a certain amount of waste water than the waste water, generated by the different water purifier are not the same, 1: 2 have from 1: 1, is also discharged wastewater is not useless, after three water purifier prior to filtration, the waste water to be dragged, to flush the toilet. A machine needed to meet your familys different.

   As the saying goes majority, although the reverse osmosis water purifier "problems" a lot, to plug! Occupy the place! Expensive! There are some noise! But to buy water purifier consumer groups, more than 85% of consumers would choose a reverse osmosis water purifier. The reason is because reverse osmosis technology to achieve a high standard of healthy drinking water, water purification industry is a high precision filter technology, this point must have convinced ah!

   said such a long time! In the end should be how election?

   If your home in the north, water and the environment itself is relatively poor, then select reverse osmosis water can improve the environment. If in some southern cities, yard ultrafiltration water purifier to be competent. In addition, due to the reverse osmosis water purification works itself, the water will be much smaller compared to ultrafiltration, impatient user might want to clear!

   Also, there are no people on the reverse osmosis mineral ah! out of the water purification no nutritional ah! wantonly spread incorrect news, in fact, these are the CCTV rumor, onlyIf the filter can drink clean water, if youd like relying on water to supplement nutrition, water, do not call that water, it was a fairy dew!

   then the standard out of the water purifier can drink. The so-called alkaline water is good, but the business of speculation, excessive drinking alkaline water will only increase the burden on the stomach, detrimental to human health.

   Therefore, so to say, you buy water purification process, in addition to considering their actual use, there to see the manufacturers have no health permit documents, whether internal filter material compliance, and if you unlike older drivers understand it, simply buy a big brand manufacturers of water purifiers, security, peace of mind, trouble can not run


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