Water purification agents to join the selectioof nine Anda K

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鍑€姘村櫒浠g悊鍔犵洘閫夋嫨瀹夎揪搴风殑涔濆ぇ浼樺娍 insist on clean water, adhere to innovation, most complete product line, the largest production capacity, with many domestic and foreign home appliance giants reached a comprehensive cooperative technology, product, strategy, accurate production management ERP system platform:! From spare parts to production and processing, precise and correct warehouse management, production management and quality control to create fine quality of the whole production. Open the door to the fifth-generation product water industry.

   1. regional protection

   company in order to protect the interests of dealers, authorized regional exclusive distributor as the companys regional market policies, the company set strict penalties for cross-regional policy changing products, the protection of exclusive distribution area manager s right.

   2. pricing policy

   unified national dealer prices, the development of competitive retail price guidance system, to give dealers a great profit margins, enhancing dealers in the regional market Competitiveness.

   3. The advertising support of a strong marketing force

   company to build a new website platform for distributors sharing website platform resources, exchange of experience!

   4. promotional support [123 ]

   unified company produce a variety of promotional materials and provide free to the dealer in accordance with a certain amount to help dealers establish the image of the terminal, carry out promotional activities started until local regional markets

   5 regionalization operational support

   constructed a mature regional market operation of ideas, to develop a set of market management training files for system management training for dealers.

   6. Marketing team helping

   to send first-class regional market-focused marketing consulting firm marketing consultant and the companys business elite field market assistance, is your operation of the regional market expert consultants.

   7. File management support

   operation of the market to establish a set of files for the dealer to tailor products are only training manuals, annual planning and training documents, service and training manuals, etc. [123 ]

   8. rebate policy

   the company set up strong sales rebate policy to encourage dealers fully into the market, to achieve higher sales targets. The company set sales stepped rebate policy, and timely cash rebate

   9. Perfect service

   24/7400 telephone service, free maintenance for life in more than 40 fixed service centers, more than 800 Teyue An decorate.

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