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   From the Apple phone and millet phone success stories, we can see a huge fan of the driving force for the development of a business. In many brands, fierce competition today, companies can also make use of water purifier a fan of the achievements of its own brand. But todays consumers increasingly rational, not a business will be able to fool a few words, the water purifier business to be successful, "smoke powder", you have to understand the psychological changes and consumer demand, which, while not an easy task, but it is not too difficult, how difficulty factor, let me see the following analysis.


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understand consumer psychology business "hardcore fans" come naturally (picture from the network)

   to "show the brand value of the Yen." [123 ]

   difficulty stars: 鈽?

   needs to be a consumer "never pay attention" or "Ive heard a little" brand mark in the consumer mind, that "the road turns pink" in the process of hardships can be imagined. And they say "first impressions" is the same concept, "first impression" a little does not meet consumers tastes, "it is probably even imagine what will happen wishes will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when the consumer initially exposed to water purifier brand, brand image and personality become more distinct as possible, so that consumers "remember you" is the key.

   "to see what you called blingbling"

   difficulty Stars: 鈽呪槄

   After all, consumers do not understand the beginning "brand positioning", "Corporate Culture "Wait, so this is by way of brand promotion, the brand for the most" blingbling "(ie, sparkling) look show in front of consumers. After the success in the consumer, "the road turns pink," you will get to know more about the story of this brand, this time the brand should be flaunted brand positioning, corporate culture, etc., in order to enhance consumer perceptions of the brand.

   "relevant brand story."

   difficulty Stars: 鈽呪槄鈽?between

   psychological identification or a certain kind of consumer values 鈥嬧€媋nd brand awareness is the story ties, but also to deal with fierce competition weapon. Many brands have their unique brand story, and the story of the brand to the consumer is that consumers agree on the emotional resonance and issued. Therefore, the brand should give the consumer about the brand story, so that more consumers to enjoy brandAt the same time goods can feel the emotion brand conferred.

   "water purifier business sale can not be ignored."

   difficulty Stars: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄

   As we all know, is now the consumption patterns of consumers as well as in the consumer psychologically undergone new changes, price is important, but price is not the sole purpose of pursuing, after-sales is equally important. So purifier companies need to focus on "service" this "business battleground." How to improve after-sales it? Perhaps you can provide free delivery service, perhaps allowing professionals to analyze house, or you can choose at some point, such as a anniversary users to use the product and the like, water purifier business users satisfaction surveys and so on.

   water purifier business, "read consumer", afraid it does not become the brand of "hardcore fans"?

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