yigesese remind wading certificate is an important criterion

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With the improvement of peoples drinking water safety awareness, more and more ordinary citizens aware of the importance of drinking purified water, especially water purifier kitchen water purifier gradually into the ordinary household, people become day meals indispensable water purification products. yigesese visited the major appliance market in Shenzhen, found that brand water purifier is very large, the price is uneven, cheap water purifier two three hundred can buy high-end is as high as several thousand, but quality varies greatly, not to mention the average consumer is difficult to buy, even the people in the water purifier industry have slowly discretion over the pages to determine the quality of water purifier good or bad.


In response to this phenomenon, yigesese remind consumers in the purchase of water purification products, they can query through the national Ministry of Health, the provincial health department website or purchased water purifier is whether regular manufacturers product governments approved regular products, no State Ministry of health approved detection is not allowed to produce and sell. To consider when buying a good water purifier maintenance and after-sales service, while in the use of water purifier to choose a good product, depending on water conditions in different regions, different floors unstable water pressure generated by the machine will also the life of a great impact, consumers can choose good products and home use, to ensure that water quality is always safe and durable. In this regard, while people concerned about the health of drinking water, depending on water purification products have become stronger. Because many consumers do not understand the relevant knowledge of water purification products, therefore, error prone time of purchase. After a clear understanding of some of the key information, the choice of water purification machines, will go a long way in handy. The most important is the national health permits under normal circumstances. Big brand water purifier wading components used in all state-certified food-grade materials, generally does not produce heavy metal pollution. But some small plant products, in order to pursue low-cost and reduce costs, often do not get any guarantee of quality.


yigesese remind consumers that the water purifier industry is uneven, the national standard water purifier access standards, all products sold in the market should be licensed by the national health, safety can be assured of the product, the people be sure to check the selected choice. Due to the special nature of the water industry, some enterprises itself has no production capacity and qualifications of water purification machines, but in a small OEM manufacturers. Water purifier is the first batch of the first water industry through the full range of business, every product has its correspondence issued by the Ministry of Health ModelThe "relating to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document" and the national wading designated "test report" Examination Department, consumers can buy.





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