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water purification products has become an indispensable part of life. Many people like to directly install water purifiers in the home renovation process. Especially in the kitchen, water purifier is the inevitable choice of the people. But for many people, how to choose a water purification products is a matter of concern.


principles water purifier by way of the terminal, to filter harmful substances on the human body, the water quality purifying effect. According to different water quality throughout, water purifiers functional design is also different. A vast territory, water vary greatly, generally north hard water and impurities, with an ion exchange resin should buy water purification filter or softener; southern soft quality, heavy metals and severe secondary pollution, the water quality requirements optional high home reverse osmosis water, local water quality is better if you can choose ultrafiltration machine.



The main water purification products, water purification materials used are polypropylene cotton, activated carbon, the UDF, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membrane, an infrared mineralization ball like, different water purification water purification materials will produce different effects. Consumers can match different filter elements according to different needs. The advantage is cheap, high filtration precision, the drawback is the short filter life, less water production, is only suitable for drinking.


users in the purchase of water purification products, may not clearly indicate its water quality. This requires water purifier brand sales and service for integrated planning should be based on various factors of water quality, water, room size. In after-sales service, but also to ensure that the filter replacement cycle of the product.


water purification filter products to be replaced regularly to ensure that the water quality can be filtered clean. Typically SC-PP cotton life of 3-6 months, granular activated carbon filter 6-9 months, compressed carbon mesh filter (UF) is 9-12 months, reverse osmosis (RO) membrane 36 months after activated carbon (T33) is from September to December. Overdue replacement, can breed bacteria that causes secondary pollution of water.



as water purification products in peoples lives growing popularity, it has become an indispensable part of life, Hanle Bing for the "science and technology to lead a healthy life, fine at this, make a living "philosophy of continuous innovation, relying on high quality products and services to get a lot of peoples trust and recognition!

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