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year is approaching 2014 has quietly gone, 2015 water purifier market is about to usher in a new piece of sky clean water. State Bureau of Quality Supervision rigorous testing water purifier water purification efforts will continue to increase. The market will gradually toward standardization, standardization of direction at present, the water purifier market is like, "Warring States, pack and play," How can grasp the challenges and opportunities of water purification agents do it? Well 2015 water purification agents do we? No matter good or not do, we must recognize huge water purifier market prospects.

   look at market conditions (the so-called day)

   compared to the foreign market penetration rate of 90%, domestic water purifier market in every hundred households have less than 10% volume. The data show that as of 2013 water purifier sales reached 30.1 million units in though, but in the country of over one billion people, China has huge market space. Especially the second and third tier cities in more broad market. To analyze this aspect, water purification products in line with the proxy days.

   let us analyze at location

   for water purification agents for what is the location, you have agents that sell water purification area No location, which, in different parts of the country each market , should be treated differently. For now, the northern regional pollution, heavy metals, scale is serious, so the water purifier market is much better than the South, cities and towns than in rural water purifier market is good, this two, the former is mainly because the South generally better quality than in the north, The latter is mainly due to the high level of consumption in rural areas than in towns, rural areas than in consumer attitudes ahead. But look at the whole of China, where 80% of the more or less faced with the problem of drinking water contamination, that is big demand for water purifier in most parts of the country.

   Finally agency under the water purifier and the

   water purification products agents of the people is the best water purification agents manufacturers, after rigorous testing after the state, we choose water purifier manufacturers cooperation should choose informal enterprises, improve the standard water purification equipment manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers, should have membranes, pumps and other manufacturing and machine shop, and there is an independent R & D departments, laboratories, inspection car Taiwan and so on. 23 years specializing in water purification, water purifier is a trustworthy manufacturer. Of course, doing water purification agents small or it would be best to manufacturers site visits to see whether manufacturers have production capabilities, whether the Ministry of Health wading products this document and the relevant test reports, in addition to alsoFactory Merchants depends on the mode of operation and policies, whether to give tangible benefits agency.

   Of course, the right time is the best time to water purification agents, but it does not mean that the agent will be able to hundred percent successful, need to continue to learn and their own water purifier manufacturers of products of good quality and reliable safety. So that it can achieve a breakthrough.

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