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  Swimming is a good thing for the baby, but the details of your attention yet? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 294 Published: 2018-12-12 14:14:57 now young parents the idea of 鈥嬧€媝arenting is growing, more and more scientific. In particular, this aspect of health is valued, and swimming is a sport most popular of the mothers. Adult swimming pool water are checked for compliance with the standard, what the baby pool water standards is it? Physical indicators must be colorless, and a color of not more than 15 degrees, clear, turbidity is not more than 5 degrees, no sediment. Chemical indicators PH value of 6.5-7.5. Refers to the pH of the pool water, PH value between 7-14 is alkaline, between 0-7, are acidic, if this value is too low, the water quality will have a stimulating effect on the babys skin and eyes, and easy to the breeding of bacteria, it tends to corrode the cell body. PH value is too high, the baby swimming time, the body will feel soapy, uncomfortable. But also relatively easy to produce scale, clogging the pool. Standard indicator bacteria 鈮?000 bacteria per ml. The total number of bacteria are microbial indicators, the total number of bacteria in the water after disinfection, to a certain extent, can reflect the extent of microbial contamination, it is one of the indicators of water quality evaluation and assessment cycle cleanliness purification and disinfection effect. The pool of excessive bacteria most likely to cause conjunctivitis, symptoms are common people "pink eye", as well as infant diarrhea and other diseases. In addition, there may be other pathogenic microorganisms, resulting in the spread of disease. 鈮? a standard coliform bacteria per liter. Coliform bacteria is an important indicator of water quality by the extent of fecal contamination, E. coli containing bathed in the pool, immediately eat something with the clutch, it is easy to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, severe can lead to hemorrhagic colitis. Pollution index 鈮?.5 mg per liter urea. Peoples sweat and urine are urea, never washed on the water and urine may produce excessive urea in the water. Radiation indicators of neonatal swimming pool water radioactive elements, radon not exceed 1BQ / L, radium may not exceed 5x10BQ / L. Swimming and bathing water is the most basic, and water hardness, let us enjoy discounted. After the bath, we will find that skin tight, a little itch, a grasping hand, will leave one character asks marks. Why not? Hard water because the contact with the skin, will leave a layer of aqueous alkaline invisible "thin film",Clogged pores become a breeding ground for impurities - caused cracking, itching and dry skin, or skin redness caused by allergies. Especially in infants and young childrens skin is more sensitive and feeble, often because the water base cause itching, so after the bath, some children will be crying, parents mistakenly believe that children are generally afraid of the water. Use soft water bath is a good solution to this problem. Swimming and bathing water quality when using soft water, the calcium and magnesium ions and heavy metals in water was filtered off, there is no alkaline water, alkaline water because there is no "film", to thoroughly clean the pores, breathe freely, covered wipe as emollient Like dew soft white, smooth. Infants with soft water swimming bath, children not only cry no trouble, but do not want to leave the tub. Shampoo, because there is no effect of heavy metals in the water base, baby hair there is no residual alkali water, the hair will become clean, smooth and easier to comb, shiny.

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