Patio water purifier outreach activies start

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   As the Lanzhou water benzene exceeded a series of pollution incidents, people affected confidence in the safety of drinking water. In this regard, Chinas leading brand water purifier Patio, launched special promotional activities during the May Day, to spend 50 million yuan to repay consumers, trying to "let every Chinese family were using water purifier" to promote Chinese drinking water quality significantly upgrade.

   the first to start May sales

   allow consumers to enjoy the benefits

   It is reported Patio launch price of only 998 yuan of "One storm" pure water, which is a sincerely intended to promote high-quality water purification products popularity of its high cost so that more people can afford to consume. Meanwhile, Patio also introduced a series of preferential measures: RO-185E highest Patio water purifier, QR-R5-01E, QR-R5-01H modular water machine, the three best-selling high-quality products straight down 1,000 yuan; buy Straight enjoy a drink at least 8.8% discount and free gifts; buy specified pure water pipeline machine ...... Patio send money in promotions, drinking water safety problems for consumers suffering is undoubtedly a good news.

   to play a leading role

   to promote the healthy development of the

   All along, China water purifier market chaos market, some unqualified enterprises are often only a few hundred dollars to ex-factory price of goods sold to the million. Resulting in a large number of market profits, "a fortune go" hot money into the market severely disrupted. According to media reports, the current domestic water purifier manufacturer more than 3000, but more than 2,000 are all undocumented "black workshop."

   In order to regulate the market order, so that consumers regain confidence, Patio only 998 yuan special launch of "One storm" special water machine, water purifier so that prices return to reason, to allow more people to buy since, the lingua franca, accelerate the pace of the popularity of water purification.

   Further, Patio from 2007 on a national water purifier system standardization working group and head of the unit, leading the drafting and development of "drinking water treatment in the core household and similar purposes", "Household and similar two national standard of drinking water treatment device. " Under the leadership and promote the Patio, two water purification GB finally introduced this year, will be officially implemented in August, the market is expected to end the chaos.

   to protect the public safety of drinking water

   actively practicing corporate social responsibility

   has been actively PatioIndustry leaders to fulfill the social responsibility of organizations, benefits the country participated in a series of public service activities, such as "clean glass of water healthy Chinese people," public service announcement, "national drinking water health lectures" and so on. This time, the Patio is spending huge amounts of money for promotion, doing my courage to let water purifier to every family, to accelerate the popularization of clean water have made outstanding contributions.

   Patio official says, will continue "to improve the health of all mankind drinking water," the purpose of better practice corporate social responsibility, and to play the role of industry leaders, led by more enterprises to participate in water purification clean water to the popularity of cause. (Guo)

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