Sharing water purifier is really shared odssed in the cloak

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   In recent years, shared economic phenomenon in the beginning of the epidemic, there are bike sharing, sharing an umbrella, share charge treasure. Recently, they have a shared economic force in a new member - shared water purifier.

   shared water purifier business model in the words of the industry is that it has the advantage that, compared with the previous most water purifiers, water purifiers user after purchase, but also consider replacement, maintenance , late replacement and other capital investment, while sharing a water purifier to break the traditional form of ownership of the user to purchase equipment used. That user can not grasp the property equipment, but in the amount of fresh water use, the use of innovative consumption standard time to pay the cost of services. He said bluntly point is that users pay a service fee, water purification equipment to provide business executives as well as on-site installation and maintenance for the core, routine maintenance and other services. That sounds feeling and shared washing machine, shared charging treasure, cycling and other shared economic model the same.

   users only need to pay a prescribed deposit, will be able to enjoy a series of related businesses to provide follow-up services. Indeed, this is the typical shared economic business model. But this economic form I do not know did not feel very familiar, right, wrong is that you do not want to lease.

   However, some people think that the high price for the share of household electrical appliances is actually in line with market trends. It is reported that the presence of the brand, large spreads, water purifiers and other issues of varying quality water purifier market. But water purifier also has its own unique product characteristics. Since the main role is to purify water purifier of harmful substances and impurities, so the use of different purification technology products cause discrepancies in water quality.

   It is because of this characteristic, the high price of water purifiers only favored by consumers, but really willing to pay for high-end water purifier only a handful of consumers. In the usual five RO reverse osmosis water purifier, for example, equipment prices generally 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan range, a number of international brand even higher, ranging from 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan per year would go late expenditures filter replacement costs If the user for 3 years, overall spending about 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

   which many businesses that share water purifier actually save money for the user. Then we take a look at the shared water purifier really save money for consumers yet? It is understood that intelligence sharing water purifier deposit fee is $ 500, the monthly service fee is $ 80, 3 yearsOverall expenditure is 2880 yuan, if you pay a one-time fee for three years, there are certain concessions, about 2,400 yuan.

   This account I believe we certainly count better than small series, Which will be more cost-effective heavy consumption is clear. Also worth mentioning is the shared water purification products are mostly intelligent products with things function, which means that users can view each have a filter effluent quality of life through the mobile phone at any time, can also renew online and on-line reservations related service.

   Although the benefits seem to share water purifier is greater than the harm, but there are also users questioned the existence of water purifiers for sharing, for example, if they use this water purifier before being used someone else, Are there quality and health assurance.

   In this regard, the implementation of shared water purifier company had this to say: the current user to install water purifier is new, water purifier using 2G module for remote extensions, and second on the product can be dimensional code with the user cellphone. By two-dimensional code can be directly determined whether the water purifier is used. The user no longer use the shared water purifiers will be uniform recycling, the use of replacement demand when other users have left.

   From this, the users concern seems to be redundant, but in fact, plainly you continue to have been used in actual use, but related businesses will be related to treatment . This is actually quite consistent with the spirit of shared economy. Now we are talking about sharing economy, people equitable access to social resources, their pay and benefit in different ways, shared the economic dividends, share more this is done through the Internet as a medium.

   However, the industry believes that there is a shared water purifier is actually a walking a fine line of conduct, by its very nature more like a form of installment, because the shared water purifier is a provision users to buy after three years of service fee you can have a water purifier.

   In fact, on what is the real shared economic, everyone has been controversial, some people think that the new species shared economy now appears that large-scale trickery behavior, but some people think that this is a emerging economic model. But if sharing economy in small series can return to sharing the true meaning of the word, probably will not be a controversy.

   In fact, the so-called shared the integration of idle goods, labor, education, health care and other resourcesSource, so as to play a greater role. Some also say that people share the economic equitable access to social resources, their pay and benefit in different ways, shared the economic dividends. And now more focused on sharing economy is in fact the word economy, whether it is already widely recognized by everyone shared bicycle or now emerging of shared water purifier is true.

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