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   Lets water pollution and health contrary, this is true? Yes, its scary is that water pollution gradually "swallowed" the health of our needs! Perhaps, some would naively think that drinking tap water is usually after disinfection treatment, where it then there is the shadow of pollution, but the real situation is often not noticed, although tap water filtered through daily use of water, cleaning and other processing, generally up to standard. But some can not afford to remove contamination.


   internationally recognized harmful substances in drinking water may contain heavy metals include lead, chromium, mercury, etc., have high toxicity. There are some persistent organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon substances and substances of various pesticides, it will have serious long-term health effects. In addition, nitrogen, phosphorus and other substances itself is not highly toxic, but can cause eutrophication of water quality, induced cyanobacteria, algae can release toxins and neurotoxins liver, threats to health.

   In fact, people used the water purifier, we will find him back again and then tap groundwater, when simply not accustomed to, why, because the water purifier accustomed to impurities in the water, Harmonia odor are filtered clean, we began to feel, like our water environment slowly deteriorate, and we do not feel, when we feel the time, but has become a vicious habit. So there are people asking every day, drinking water for 30 years nothing happened, why use water purifiers, but they just do not think about it, 30 years ago he lived in what country, today 30 years later, what should the country !

   Therefore, the prevention of pollution damage to health, a good way is to start from everyday life, household water, install water purifier is essential. Is a professional water purifier for water filtration appliances, water purifiers but also because of the presence of water pollution to be born, think about if there is no water pollution, water purifiers what use is it? But today, under this kind of environment, water purification device plays a big role, able to purify water for home improvement, to facilitate life, improve family economic efficiency, more scientific enjoy the perfect home life.

   water; as a source of life, it is a precious resource for human survival and development. Our life is inseparable from water resources, all the chemical reactions that occur in the human body are carried out with water as a medium. No water, nutrients can not be absorbed; oxygen can not be delivered to a desired site; nutrients alsoCan not reach its site of action; waste can not be discharged; metabolism will stop.

   water pollution caused by the use of harmful chemicals value of reduction or loss of water, pollution of the environment. Sewage acids, bases, oxidizing agents, as well as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other compounds, benzene, ethylene dichloride, ethylene glycol and other organic toxins, poison the aquatic life will affect drinking water sources, the Landscape. Organic matter in sewage microbial decomposition is consumed oxygen in the water, affect aquatic life, the depletion of the dissolved oxygen, for anaerobic decomposition of organic matter, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other unpleasant gases, so that further deterioration of water quality. Real existence of water pollution, water pollution, even if you do not see the report, do not watch the news on water pollution, but you can not guarantee that every day to drink water is clean. A human can not deceiving. So what is the relationship between water purifier and water pollution


   due to the development of societies, undermine the quality of human activities on the planet suffer from severe pollution, water for people living at the same time to hire serious Pollution. According to the survey, one-third of the worlds water problems of families each year. Evaluation suffer water pollution each year the number of 45 million people sick, and continues to grow each year. Because of water pollution and the death toll of 3,000 people, most of them children. For China, the majority of urban water are a security risk. In recent years, the factory gradually shift to rural areas, part of the problem of rural drinking water is heavily polluted. So, water pollution health hazards imminent, must be addressed.

   water pollution led to the creation of the water purifier. Water purifier can be said to protect the health and safety of domestic water contamination in this era of necessary household appliances. Water purifier according to the principle of filtering the water through the cartridge home ultra-filtering, can effectively remove the water of acids, bases, oxidizing agents, as well as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic compounds such as benzene, dichloroethane, glycol organic toxicants; general quality of the sand, rust, bacteria and the like can be easily removed.

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