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   two consumer electronics market into the season. Manufacturers constantly new promotions, consumers also have the option to purchase home appliances products during the Golden Week. Along with the desire for a healthy life, this years home appliances market consumption upgrade trend has become increasingly prominent, intelligent home appliances, health class appliances be more popular, the store is also timely provincial capital launched the "health" card. So, what kind of appliances considered standard health appliances? Health appliances currently on the market, there are still drawbacks how? Pay attention to what the consumer at the time of purchase?

   life new ideas intelligent health appliances touted

   "The 600 * 600cm washing machine, hot air with fresh air wash can be mites, to smell, the price of 4598 yuan, relatively close to the people; this water cube washing machine, containing nano silver ion to facilitate intelligent, antibacterial and antifungal, ultra-high wash ratio 1.08, rinse residue-free, higher cost, healthier, the price of 19,998 yuan, to see you like Which? "September 29, Gome Changfeng shop in the provincial capital, the waiter SONG washing machine is introduced to Chen couple.

   a new house just renovated Chen couple, taking advantage of the weekend to come to purchase home appliances for the new house. His wife tend to buy cheaper products that paragraph, but Chen believes that in addition to mites washing machines and self-cleaning function is very important, "in order to ensure clean and healthy, it will not be a bacterial infection." Finally, they agreed that the purchase healthier money washing machine.

   "Golden September and Silver October," is the renovation of the peak season demand for home appliances in the consumer upgrade trend, more and more consumers tend to buy high-end quality home appliances, home or help to enhance the quality of life of appliances supplies. Reporters on the scene, from the "eye" feature laser TV, washing machine mites to self-cleaning effect, to the rice cooker to prevent harmful substances migrate from moisture sterilization two-pronged approach of the refrigerator, in addition to the air purifier in addition haze formaldehyde, water purifier and then to be able to filter water depth ...... appliance market all play the "health" card.

   "When the traditional home appliances PK healthy home appliances, most consumers will price according to their own economic conditions, and the purchase, the average home will go to buy appliances from an economic and practical point of view, then consider healthy, environment-friendly a. but most high-end customers is still very health-conscious. "Gome Changfeng shop deputy manager GRAPHIC told reporters.

   What is a healthy homeElectricity?

   Shanxi Gome Chief Operating Officer of the CCA Yong: "Health appliances household appliances means the basic functionality of traditional on health and environmental added some features that make it not only can replace human labor, and more conducive to home health electrical products. these evaluation methods are out of the traditional functions of the physical indicators, more emphasis on biological, chemical and other technical indicators. it is because of these improvements, the traditional home appliance use will be more healthy, and more comfort. "

   no uniform standard health appliances can not remain in the conceptual

   developed high-tech, high-quality home life wisdom has brought us convenience and ease, but also led to a variety of "modern disease", such as air-conditioning sickness, disease phones, computers and other symptoms. In order to change the health drawbacks of traditional appliances, to meet the growing health needs of consumers, appliance manufacturers have focused health, promote healthy products.

   However, you are buying health appliances really healthy? Or you can buy a health appliances it once and for all?

   The answer is no.

   The so-called "health appliance" can generally be divided into three categories: First, home appliances can remove the adverse health factors, the core is "sterilization" "sterilization" "purification", such as air conditioning catalyst, ozone washing machines, antibacterial refrigerator, air purifiers, water purifiers; the second is to help maintain a healthy home appliance products, its core is to achieve "energy saving", "green", such as soybean milk, juice machine, purple clay pot, etc.; Third, of "treatment" and "health" as the core function of home oxygen machine, ventilator, physiotherapy, massage chairs.

   Reporters from the Shanxi Bureau of Quality Supervision Standardization Institute that, at present, health appliances can be found on the Internet category of GB (GB) properties only GB21551.2-2010 (special requirements antibacterial materials), GB21551. 3-2010 (special requirements of the air cleaner), GB21551.4-2010 (special requirements refrigerator) 3 categories common standards. Until 2016, Gome issued a joint Chinese Academy of household appliances Enterprise Edition appliances "healthy" verification standard (GMB, commonly known as the enterprise standard), namely the United States health appliances verify technical specifications ", 34 brands of home appliance product through the first 68 health appliances quality verification. Which includes refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines,Home appliances, kitchen five categories, included 10 healthy development of the verification specification appliances, but businesses are not marked record.

   As China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and Testing Technology Research Institute, said Lu Jianguo, to adapt to changing consumer demand, a series of standards have begun to develop and continue to improve, as consumers choose high-quality environmental health appliances an important basis.

   However, it is worth noting that the use of the wrong way, health appliances may actually be bad for your health consumers.

   "Because health appliances using only healthy can really healthy. For example antibacterial now more popular on the market, fresh refrigerator, the refrigerator can be well maintained freshness of food, to ensure safe storage of food. but do not think that such a purchase refrigerator can sit back and relax, because the health of healthy function of the refrigerator is limited, and does not kill the bacteria. "cleaning appliances for many years engaged in the training of the mountain, general manager Xia Yi Fu Technology Co., Ltd. Hu Jun said that all only use appliances reasonably healthy, regular cleaning, in order to bring healthy living to the family. Improper maintenance, but it will become lurking in the safety and health of people around the killer.

   high-quality consumer appliances health is the key to win the trust of

   a healthy body depends on a healthy lifestyle to build, now, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, intelligent gradually into peoples lives, in under the diversified needs of life exciting, stylish and convenient, green, creative transition to a new type of intelligent home appliances and health of a trend.

   then, the case of the current market standards are not refined, home appliance industry and consumers how to choose?

   Bureau of Quality Supervision Standardization Institute Shanxi responsible person think, from lifestyle changes to improve the home environment, healthy market people need to fit a new era for health, which will make healthy and smart appliances become the new a promising land for investment. On health appliances, the price is no longer a prerequisite, replaced by a factor brand, technology, quality health appliance producers must seize the high ground, creating a high-end image in order to play a greater market advantage.

   Wen Jian Yong said: "There are two major trends in the global appliance development, one green carbon, and second, focusing on the customer health appliances undoubtedly meet these two trends, will become a new profit point of each manufacturer. . "the current reality is, Health appliances industry in China has just started, brand concentration is not high, many health appliances enterprises are small investment, small-scale production, so the quality is uneven, health appliances companies must use their own technology and brand advantages quickly occupied the market, improve the brand concentration should not flow to the concept. Only by allowing users real health gains, in order to win the trust and win market.

   For consumers, health appliances also is an emerging industry, health appliances on the market can not help but suspect there are fish in it. Therefore, we must choose the regular production of high-tech products in selected health appliances Shihai. At the same time, maintain a good home appliance maintenance and regular cleaning it is necessary, so that not only can completely kill a variety of harmful bacteria, to protect the health of users, can also extend its service life, prevent failure, to give consumers a real fresh healthy living environment.

   (Source: Shanxi Daily, invasion deleted)

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