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   From Made in China to Created in China, from China to the Chinese brand products, and now with the upgrade quality and continuous innovation, Chinese enterprises in the country and the world has been more and more certain that glow in the brands development path vitality. May 10, sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission and other seven ministries cloud activities organized by the Chinese brand online, the China Federation of electronic information dissemination "2020 China Brand New Day electronic information industry to promote domestic products catalog," Haier EZER (Quotes 600 690) as the main application, named to the 18 big-screen smart innovations Haier refrigerators, modules and other things, to become the largest number of candidates selected industry brand.


   "China Brand Day" was established by the State Council since 2017, it has gone through three set time. As the impact of the epidemic, the first time this year the Japanese brand in the form of a virtual exhibition hall, online display its own brand of style. Released during the event "to promote new domestic products catalog" selection is very strict, focused on promoting the effective application of things past two years, a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, high intelligence and high-end products. Therefore, this "Promotion List" is also known as a concentrated expression of innovation and technological achievements of China.

   In this selection, the main application as most brands selected projects, 18 innovations Haier wisdom covering familys Haier, Casa Imperial, Leader of the three brands, not only including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters and other home appliances, Haier also covers intellectual home cloud platform brain, Haier wisdom home APP, modules and other things artificial intelligence, networking technology, demonstrated the wisdom of Haier home innovations in the field of electronic information.

   In recent years, as the countrys emphasis on emerging technologies become more sophisticated, intellectual Haier home networking is also firmly grasp the opportunities of the times were, at the same time innovative technology and products, launched a comprehensive eco-brand strategy the first to evolve into the worlds leading brand of ecological things. In the core of the user experience driven, Chi Haier household alternative scene, covered with eco-industry, not only for the user is presented with a new scene of things to experience, wisdom more established family coverage, the Internet industry, health and other large industrial ecology things ecosystem, with great success. 2019, the worlds leading brand value list BrandZ released "Global Top 100 most valuable brands," the first time the "Internet of Things ecology," this new "productSpecies brand "Haier is the worlds first intellectual home, and only a list of things eco brand.

   seems in the industry, Haier wisdom family is able to achieve these accomplishments, its industry-leading closely related to R & D capabilities. based on 10 research centers worldwide, Haier wisdom home built "10 + N" global open innovation system, brought up close interaction for users and millions of ecological resources side of the world, so that "the needs of users where R & D on where ", can be sustained, rapid iteration of products and solutions for the wisdom of life, continue to create too disruptive innovations.

   can be said for the corporate brand is the greatest wealth, and innovative brand offers the strongest support was in Japan and the Chinese brand Haier intellectual home and other representatives of enterprises from all walks of life with unique innovations, not only shows the Chinese enterprises to economic development and social powerful thrust of progress, but also showed the Chinese brand "return to work big one" to the world

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