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Recently, your circle of friends may be "the countrys 23 provinces carcinogens were detected in tap water," so a refresh of news. Although the message has been rumor, many experts said nitrosamine content in drinking water rarely involved, lifetime cancer risk drinking only one in a million, not to cause unnecessary panic. However, the need to drink plenty of water to health, I believe that clear to everyone. Well, so much the type of water available in the market, which in the end we go to drink it?




purified water, mineral water, distilled water, drinking water, oxygen-rich water, which I choose?






   Water enriched



is a medical water enriched water, is for special populations, not as the drinking water of the normal population. If this is the oxygen-rich water, the oxygen molecules into the body of water will destroy normal dividing cells, accelerated aging.




According to the rumor mill shell network disclosed, oxygen-rich water is the earlier of the American Medical science used to study the anaerobic and aerobic biological cells in medical research water. Indeed aerobic oxygen-rich water molecules, but after entering the body about 5% of nascent oxygen will be converted into superoxide radical, which is the most important root causes of aging.




a European medical journal has published an article that drinking oxygen-rich water can reflect the degree of muscle fatigue lactic acid value decreased. Experts suggest that, with strong support from the premise of a lack of theoretical and clinical trials, or less contact as well.




stating: unknown benefits, drink less is better


Health Index: 鈽?鈽嗏槅鈽嗏槅



   distilled water



the distillation or other processing into multilayer filter, the removal of harmful substances and microorganisms, but also removes body minerals potassium, calcium, magnesium and the like.




In this seemingly very tight production process but hidden certain risks. Tap water contains volatile phenol and cyanide, both of volatile substances, is produced by distillationIt will concentrate content of these two substances. In the distillation process, if not pay attention to the method, there will be risks.




Patients with kidney stones is recommended to choose mineral-free distilled water is good for the physical health of the population, it is not recommended to drink too much distilled water.




stating: no mineral elements, easily volatile phenol and cyanide


Health Index: 鈽呪槄 鈽嗏槅鈽?



   drinking water






drinking water, refers to meet the drinking water or drinking water health standards for source water through early filtration, precision filtration and reverse osmosis filtration and sterilization for direct drinking water purification after purification.




By drinking water filtration apparatus, harmful toxic heavy metals in water, most of the organic pollutants are removed, but the impurities are removed, about 90% of trace elements in water is filtered out.




at the front end of a variety of water purification stages are equipped with several pre-filter, a common PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter and the like. Well filtered through a home water purifier water purifier weeks before the general effect, but the water quality worse place to more serious secondary pollution, if the three months to change, I become dirty, it is recommended 1-3 months to replace a pp cotton and activated carbon.








sentence summary: The most safe and secure

   [ 123] health index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?






   the best source of water - boiled water or mineral water


   World health Organization He proposed the "healthy water" complete scientific concepts, potable water should meet the following requirements:


   1 no pollution, non-pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals and harmful chemicals;


   2-containing. natural minerals and microelements;.


   3 vitality no degradation, weakly alkaline, and strong activity and the like.




   Normal daily to drinking water and mineral water better.




   Mineral water contains minerals needed by the body, can be added the human body, pure water is more suitable than normal. The boiled water easily through the cell membrane into the cell, promote the bodys metabolism, enhance immune function, improve the bodys resistance to disease, is the most drinking water the body needs.




   not the same type of long-term drinking water, especially pure water.




   people of different ages should drink water at different mineral content. For example, water-containing silicic acid on cardiovascular older is better, but is not suitable for children. And patients with kidney stones, it is recommended to choose non-pure mineral water or distilled water as well.



5 drinking prompt

   1. Do not replaced by drinking water




   especially for children, obesity, crowd underlying diseases, is not conducive to health. Natural drinks such as tea and coffee, can to some extent instead of water, but should also vary.




   2-Chloro-boiled water was evaporated let




   tap water is chlorinated, with chlorine and residual organic matter in water binding, It will produce a halogenated hydrocarbon, chloroform and the like carcinogenic compounds. After the boiling water, the lid may be opened, a small fire to continue to burn off 2 to 3 minutes, so that the water may cause the "chlorine" and the number of harmful substances evaporated.




   3. To clean drinking disinfected regularly




   to drink bottled water should pay attention to the problem of secondary pollution, drinking fountains need to be cleaned periodically disinfection, if it feels trouble of cleaning can buy a pump, directly out of bottled water pressure to drink, and drinking water after opening as soon as possible. After




   4. morning the water pipes do not directly burn to drink




   morning, we should put some water in the water to boil water drink. The selection of the tap, pay attention to the problem of excessive lead. Brass faucet possibility of excessive lead larger, the best selection of stainless steel.




   5. Thirsty not to drink water




   the right amount of water, not thirsty to drink, a few times, do not binge. A greater amount of drinking water, the lower the bodys absorption and utilization of water. Take the initiative to develop the habit of drinking, can respectively after getting up in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed to drink water. Recommended amount of water a day - between 1200-2000 ml, water intake according to their physical condition, environment and activity level to decide.

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