Water purifier maintenance- filtmust be changed regularly

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  Water purifier maintenance: filter must be replaced periodically time: 2018-10-22 09:42:19 After the reform and opening up, along with the citys rapid development, industrial pollution, agricultural pollution, domestic pollution to our lives has brought water great threat. Chinese Academy of Sciences released national conditions research report: China has 436 532 rivers are subject to different degrees of pollution. At present my countrys rural areas are about 190 million people substances in drinking water harmful exceeded, concentrated in urban sewage discharge, water purification capacity beyond the grave. Water pollution has become a human health invisible killer. Water purifier is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of home appliances. But many home water purifier knowledge is not enough understanding of, have to say that thrift is a great good habits of the Chinese nation. But many families are saving too much, feel cumbersome and costly to replace the filter, two years or even longer do not have to replace the filter or other normal maintenance, resulting in more with the dirty water purifiers are unaware. The following small series from a few to give you universal knowledge about water purifier filter replacement: With the enhancement of peoples health awareness, install water purifiers family is also increasing. As we all know, it is the core filter water purifiers, are responsible for filtering out the rust in water, sediment, heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals harmful to protect the body healthier and safer. Water purifiers also require regular maintenance, water filter cartridge needs to be replaced regularly, so as to fully guarantee the purifying effect of water purifiers. Otherwise it becomes a secondary pollution. (1) pure water filter reduces long-term work, full of pollutants caused by clogging of the filter, the water not only reduce the amount of water flowing out of the filtering effect is greatly reduced, thus resulting in the waste water produced by the water purifier will increased, thereby increasing the cost. (2) shorten the life of the RO filter to replace the filter so that it is not long-term overload of work in the state, due to clogging, so that some had not responsible for filtering impurities in large particles of activated carbon must assume this alien burden. Especially for RO water purifier is, RO reverse osmosis membrane replacement cost of the core is very high, early membrane replacement is not timely, it will result in a serious reduction in the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. Because not timely replace the filter, resulting in the need to replace the RO membrane filter blockage RO membranes, RO membrane filter while higher costs, but eventually it will lead to increased costs. Maybe you just had to bear "PP cotton filter," the replacement cost, because "from time to time to replace the filter" this bad habit, you need to take two double cartridgeCost even more. The answer: it is not. Water purifier filter must be replaced periodically, everything has its useful life, if extended to replace the filter, no doubt, water quality began to deteriorate, to ensure the safety of drinking water on a regular basis is the best policy was to replace the filter Some people might say:! " Since so dirty, I do not have a water purifier "but why not other way around:" cartridges are so dirty, that how dirty our water that "in fact, as long as the regular replacement filter, water purifier or still?! initially the clean baby! in the United States, installed a water purifier penetration rate is 90%, and most families have a clear awareness of health, regularly replace the filter, ensure quality home lasting security. The answer is: so far no. The cartridge is a consumable, like printer cartridges, like, run out need to be replaced. General water purifier to filter by several filter combinations, each cartridge has a certain life, when you feel a small amount of water purified water, watching the color filter or purifier significantly change the water taste worse, you You have to replace the filter. Therefore, the above description we can understand that, whether we are from a health point of view or economic point of view, in our home water purifier regular replacement water filter cartridge are very important.

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