Why yellow soft water heating

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   the benefits of soft water of so many people are choosing it. Why soft water heating yellowing problem occurs during use. Then this is normal? Well look how small series.




In municipal tap water as raw water total hardness of raw water 247.7, Fe 0.030 Mn 0.053, through the polarized light 001X7 cation exchange resin, water total hardness 4.2 Fe 0.028 Mn 0.045 visually observed very clear, but the water after heating yellow. Help, what possible causes of the water heating yellow? Why soft water for heating yellowing problem, Xiao Bian also not quite understand, so query a small drinking water safety knowledge base, with a look.


There are three possible:


The first: because of impurities in the water, as some basic substance causes the water to turn yellow.


The second: because there are some minerals, water pipes to corruption inside.


Third: because the heating tool may be false by the emergence of negative phenomena, causing water to turn yellow.


Before the resin is not used to repeatedly washed with hot water, the cationic resin 70-80 deg.] C hot water available, the anionic resin is more inferior in heat resistance, hot water can be used 50-60 deg.] C. At the beginning of immersion required change the water every 15 minutes until the water immersion without brown. Note that the resin is not the same for different water temperature requirements, it determined according to the specific resin. The first resin has failed with brine then soaked during cleaning, which can ensure the exchange capacity of the resin is restored, to ensure efficiency of the automatic water softening equipment.


Note that, the soft water is ordinary water by evaporation, condensation (distilled water) or ion exchange, to reduce or even remove from an aqueous calcium carbonate and other substances. The main component of human bones is calcium, so drinking water without additional calcium supplement in the diet, but easy to calcium deficiency.


by the introduction of small series, you already know why it is not knowledge of the yellow soft water heating, water softener if you want to learn more about it and so can refer directly to small drinking water safety knowledge, came to attention in small series articles of it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water.




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