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  Use a water filter, we should pay attention to what Published:? At 16:13 on August 19, 2017 Hits: 42 With the development of the water purifier market, more and more people understand water purifier, and start using the net water heater. However, we are in the process of using water purifiers, what issues should pay attention to it a first time:?. To deal with before the first use rinse water purifier to wash away the protective liquid in the water purification machines, as follows: 1. tap, ball tap water, purified tap fully opened, until the 15 minutes until the rinse water is clear without producing foam. Frequently during flushing tap switch (3 seconds off, 10 seconds apart) so formed pulsatile flow impact, better flushing will. 2. Close the drain tap, the tap is opened purification, after five minutes of water can be used normally. Two daily use: 1. Rinse often shun: during daily use of tap water for water purification machines is carried out along the wash, it is recommended to open the tap after access to purified water rinse, promptly rushed trapped pollutants walking, water purifier to maintain a high water flux, thus prolonging the life. 2. backwash recovery water production: If water purifier along by the flushing water production is still relatively small, you can consider backwash water purifier. Previous: What You Should Know method of cleaning water purifier

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