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   HC Network reported that clean water , since the new crown pneumonia outbreak, people long home life, led the sales can take care of every aspect of our daily lives of small home appliances bucked the trend. Especially as mites instrument ultraviolet rays, ozone machine vegetables, fruit and vegetable broken machine, anion humidifier ...... these and our health-related, and a little-tech small household appliances, especially sought after by many people.

   these amazing small appliances "real incense", or harvest our intelligence tax, to listen to the experts interpreted from a scientific point of view.

   In addition to mites instrument ultraviolet energy, "according to the" dead mites do?

   mention everyone is familiar with the mites, but mites in the end is what "bug", I am afraid a lot of people can not tell. Market mites machines of many types, but in daily life we 鈥嬧€媙eed regular mites do? Currently more fire UV mites instrument to remove the mites do?

   "mites popular talk is mini spider most of only 0.1 mm. "Affiliated hospital of Tianjin Medical Research Institute deputy director of dermatology physician Wu Lingling introduction, although we naked eye is difficult to see, but the mites but everywhere in our lives, there are 50,000 known nature a variety of mites, mites are most closely related to our health.

   "some parasitic mites in humans and animals and plants, will make people suffer from various skin diseases such as scabies mites will make people suffering from scabies, itchy, highly contagious;. Demodex mite cause rosacea. "Wu Lingling introduction, the most common or dust mites can cause allergic dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis and other diseases. Dust mites breed in carpets, sofas, plush toys, bedding, cushions, mattresses and pillows, etc..

   "a variety of allergic reaction occurs when the body, it is necessary for mites." Wu Lingling alert.

   Most mites instrument ultraviolet UV-C are used UV lamp, which belongs to the short-wave UV. "After in principle, by irradiation with shortwave ultraviolet light, will destroy the entire structure of the bacterial cell wall proteins, denatured proteins to achieve the purpose of causing kill bacteria. Where it is exposed to ultraviolet rays for killing dust mites have a certain role." Wu Lingling introduction, but shortWave penetration is limited, can only kill dust mites surface, hidden in the depths of the dust mite is killing not achieve the role. In addition mites are alive, it will hide and then come back.

   UV mites images from the network analyzer "Even if the mites have been killed, its body, there secretions and excretions, which are also allergens. Thus while the use of an ultraviolet mites, preferably also with some simple gross method of mites. "Wu Lingling introduction, some mites instrument comes beat, temperature function, if not sticky brush stick may be used, exposure, ironing, cleaning, drying, in addition to tapping mites are a very effective way. But note that, in addition to mites in the process, we must pay attention to ventilation with face masks to avoid "secondary pollution" in the course of mites, causing allergies.

   function ozone vegetables to fruits and vegetables, "detoxification"?

   ozone machine vegetables because of claims that can remove bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides on fruits and vegetables, which are more and more consumers . With the hot vegetables ozone machine, and its function is gradually deified, "can get rid of the deep interior of the fruit and vegetable toxins", "get rid of meat reminder growth hormone, Clenbuterol" ...... ozone machine vegetables fruit and vegetable really is detoxification it?

   "the use of ozone vegetables is a strong oxidizing ozone oxidation to break down some bacteria and microorganisms." Professor of Chemical Engineering and Technology Zhang introduced, ozone machine vegetables first by high pressure ionization generating ozone, and the use of strong oxidizing power of ozone, the ozone and pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metal ions, additives, viruses and bacteria and other harmful chemical reactions occur, such that they form water-insoluble substances. Re-use spray vortex flow of oxygen and ozone is broken down into shock during the bubble caused by the explosion, the elimination of food to the surface of vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, meat, seafood and other harmful substances and toxins.

   "home ozone vegetables machine during normal use, the ozone production rate of about 0.05ppm, this wave after the above God operation, fruits and vegetables in the ozone washing machine vegetables 10-20 minutes, can effectively remove pesticides, bacteria and other harmful substances in the surface. "However, Zhang said," ozone detoxification only way to solve the problem of the surface of fruits and vegetables fresh food, food deep inside toxin difficult by a simple ozone vegetables machine to solve. "

  " high antioxidant activity of high-concentration ozone can damage the mucosa, humanLong stay in doctrinal ozone can damage the respiratory tract, skin, cornea stimulate and accelerate aging. "Zhang said, but the ozone concentration vegetables machine home ozone produced is generally about 0.05ppm, according to the Ministry of Health in contact with the standard 10 hours will not have any impact and damage on the human body. In the case of proper use, home ozone machine vegetables the concentration of ozone generated far less than the extent of the damage the human body.

   anion humidifier health benefits it?

   humidifier to add "negative" in the name, and it would become tall, but what is negative, what use to us, may be a lot to buy anion humidifier consumers are confused.

   "anion, simply refers to the negatively charged oxygen ions. Obtained ionized air molecules are produced by most of the oxygen free electrons, so that the air ions collectively referred to as negative oxygen ions. "Dr. Zhang Xiaohao Institute of Tsinghua University, Tianjin high-end equipment, the" nature, cosmic rays, waterfalls impact, lightning, heavy rain, photosynthesis, green plants and trees point discharge will produce negative ions in the air. "

   anion having excellent purification dust, reduce the hazards of passive smoking, improve the prevention of respiratory disease, improve sleep, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, eliminate free radicals, the effect of reducing blood viscosity, in the medical profession . enjoy "air vitamin" reputation Zhangxiao Hao said: "with air pollution and increase the variety of modern irregular habits, supplemented negative ions help to promote good health and anti-aging. "

   although it will produce negative ions in nature, but in the city, the amount of negative ions is very small, a typical number 80-160 / cc, the less room, while the World Health Organization, concentration 4000 / cc environment before they have health care effect.

   "anion humidifier currently on the market are basically on the basis of the humidifier, an increase of a module to produce negative ions, positive and negative electrodes between the high voltage is applied, causing air breakdown, form negative ions. "Zhang Xiaohao description, but negative ions generated by the humidifier is easy to clump together, they will form a high proportion of large size negative, negative ions moving from such a large particle diameter is less than 30 cm will disappear, and only the humidifier near the outlet direction, relatively high concentration of negative ions only. Thus, when using anion humidifier mayAnd a fan to be used together, increasing the range covered by the negative oxygen ions.

   Zhang Xiaohao reminder: "negative ions as much as possible to produce a small particle size products, a small particle size may be greater than a moving distance of ions 100 cm, but since there is only 0.4 to 1 nanometer pore diameter membrane, so only a small particle diameter negative ions can penetrate the human body barrier, really play a role. "

   broken machine allows fruit and vegetable food nutrition upgrade?

  " function to break the cell walls broken, broken after eating, the body of nutrients absorption can be increased several times. " This propaganda machine is broken fruits and vegetables the most common words. Broken machines really make food from "bronze" to "king" of magical abilities?

   "broken machine is actually an enhanced version of the mixer, grinder or juicer." Tianjin University of Science and Technology of Food Engineering and Associate Professor, School of biological technology Wang Hao introduced, broken machines and other cooking machine the biggest difference is the high speed, can grind finer food.

   "plant cell by cell wall wrap, the active ingredients are present in the cell wall. To release these nutrients, you need to be broken." Wang Hao said with a smile, "In fact, not a broken what a wonderful thing, most rely on our teeth can easily initially completed. even if this off escape tooth cells, the vast majority could not escape the destruction of our digestive enzymes in the gut. "

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