Pre-filter principle

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   pre-filter principle you know how much? Xiao Bian now share with you about.




An apparatus prefilter is in the home water, whole house water filter, which can filter sand, rust, water, particulate matter, we ensure efficient clean drinking water and health. Take a look at the pre-filter principle of it.


Pre-filters are generally mounted on the front line so that the "preamble" to the word name; and "filtration" refers to the basic principle of such equipment. Generally "T" shaped structure. Position "a cross" upper left and right ends of the inlet and outlet, respectively. The following "pricked" position inside the cylindrical body and the filter, compared with the lowermost end of the outfall, by controlling a valve opening and closing.


The accuracy range strainer different brands and models, ranging from 5-300 microns. The main pipe is removed and the resulting precipitated impurities bacteria, microbial debris, rust, sand and mud and other particles greater than 5 microns or more impurities, to avoid harm to human body and skin; and the downstream pipe, water purifiers, water heaters, washing machines, high-end faucet, shower play an active role in protection, may be added to pre-filter effect "phosphorus acid complex" scale inhibitors play a cartridge for solar water boiler.


After the water inlet pipe is usually installed in the meter, to ensure that a substantial precipitation of impurities generated in the pipe network will not cause harm to humans and to Concealed pipe, faucets, electrical appliances and the like play an active role in protection. Prefilter secondary pollution nemesis, the impurity is a reliable filtering device.


through these presentations, I am sure you know that knowledge pre-filter principle of the bar. You also promise that you will ask: home pre-filter must be installed small advice you do not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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