Plastic cup with a long yellow how cleaning

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   No matter what type of cup often used for drinking if, over time there will be some stains, plastic cups with a long yellow how to clean, but also a lot of people use plastic cups relatively headache, knowledge base there are many professional analysis.




life, many people will find such a situation, whether it is the use of long glass, ceramic cup, ceramic cup, stainless steel cup or plastic cup, with time, it is easy dirt and water stains appear, if you continue to drink, there is great harm to the body, which safest drinking cups, in addition to the choice of good quality, safe cup, back after a period of time, in a timely manner cleaning is very necessary, it is essential that we should be drinking a small family knowledge.


plastic cups for its lightweight, impact is highly welcome, but here need to remind you, once dirt plastic cups appear to be more timely cleaning, because the material itself many devices do not pass, Once the accumulation of a large number of bacteria, harm to the body is very large, plastic cup with a long yellow how to clean, as long as usual diligent few, have some more methods to clean plastic cups can easily be removed.


Most plastic cups due yellow stains, caused by too much scale, in accordance with a certain ratio after soaking period, wash with water and vinegar, will restore the original color, may also be used toothpaste and toothbrushes to scrub, clean effect is very good, there is the dry tea leaves plus baking soda, wiping his hand forced, can also play a role in cleaning.


remind you small series, since the plastic cup is easy to be corroded, try not to use more corrosive liquid when cleaning, avoid causing damage to the plastic cup, usually drink much as possible when selecting a glass or stainless steel cup, and particularly good cleaning, there is no harm to the body as big plastic cups.




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