Spring Festival to send what gift to send home water purifie

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鏂版槬浣宠妭閫佸暐绀艰閫佸氨閫佸鐢ㄥ噣姘村櫒 With the Spring Festival approaching, Chinas traditional etiquette is indispensable gifts, and gifts would send melatonin, this sentence seems has long been popular. But everyone send this time, perhaps not the best choice, so that when people choose as many of the gifts and tangled, a variety of household appliances have become the first choice, especially water purifier.

   is well known that the Spring Festival is the most important festival of the global Chinese mind, so in this important festival, people often give friends and family to send blessings for the coming year and healthy gift, but in recent years as people drink water healthy degree of awareness continues to improve, household water purifiers become the most popular family health electrical products, so to send people you care about most important festival in the water purifier is the best choice. But to send water purifiers need pay attention to what?

   First of all, if you purchase a home water purifier is mainly used as a home drinking water, in fact, not so much for the amount of water it requires. National high-tech enterprises, manufacturers produce home straight drink drink straight series drinking water to meet the general amount of the average family. The minimum amount of water purifier 75 gallons per day, the amount of water is made at 200 liters per day, drink straight drinking water is the current system, may all drink of fresh water per day, drink straight out of the fresh mechanism healthy water, water containing mineral elements beneficial to human body; drink straight out of the fresh water mechanisms pure water, in addition to water molecules, no other impurities in water, adding a small amount needed by the body through the post filter minerals, two kinds of filtration process selected drink straight meet needs of different people.

   Second, if mainly for household domestic water, then of course, will greatly increase the requirements for the amount of water. Household domestic water is often overlooked by people, but at the same time it will undoubtedly be the largest regional consumer demand and usage.

   Finally, the demand for office space in drinking water, the number of its drinking and more generally people are not the same for each water quality requirements, and some people like to drink mineral water, some people like to drink pure water, the so-called difficult to reach, but also a large amount of water, a water purifier gives you the most reasonable suggestion, energy drink straight water machine business, which is the amount of drinking water to meet the basic daily requirements of a company. Of course, all enterprises and institutions also need to be based on the companys number and floor, the distribution of water points, install the appropriate commercial water machine.

   In addition, water purifiers related professionals also reminded: As the water quality in different regions, in fact, and not necessarily focus on their own for more than a few aspects of it for their own use, for example in Chengdu, many people have found Kettle it is prone to scale, this is the hard water. Northern and southern China of high hardness limestone areas, the water calcium, the higher content of magnesium ion, easy to scale, should be advanced with an optional purifier ion exchange resin filter cartridge.

   chlorinated water, color odor heavier, higher organic content of city water, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier. For the urban and the water is turbid water purification, should buy coarse filter, fine filter dual function of household water purifiers. For heavily contaminated water, it requires a thorough filter any impurities in the water, without heating direct consumption, should buy reverse osmosis water.

   water purifier on the market today complex and diverse, ever-changing, in the purchase of water purifiers when one thinks must not, must be put into action again by considering all aspects and well thought out, so can really do the right medicine, and finally to achieve "the best steel in the knifes edge" effect.

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